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Web Writers Union is an informal union of genre fiction writers on the web. Our aim is the exchange of ideas, work habits, resources mutual support for mutual advancement and good wishes. Membership is open to writers of genre fiction on the Internet, whether published or unpublished, professional or amateur. Please visit our home site.

RaNdOm AcTs Of CraziNeSs
A site for poetry and other forms of writing that accepts contributions from other writers as well as featucommunity my own works:)

The Wild West Book Store
This site has fan fiction for the western TV series The Young Riders.

Firecatt's Den
Welcome, We have 6 different authors writing for 15 different fandoms. All stories are complete. No works in progress here. ( except one ::sheepish grin:: ){;}We also have Firecatt's bookstore,where you ...

Krolain's Labyrinth
This is the home of a friendly four-armed minotaur Krolain. Here you'll find some of his drawings and writings. Drop on into his maze and say 'Hi'.

Home of odd-jobber/novelist mkgilbert. Sample chapters and excerpts from my novels and other original writing. Do you hear the serpent breathe behind death's own knocking door?...

Tales of the Boojum
Tales of the Boojum contains original science-fiction and fantasy novels, novellas and short stories by Steven Dong, including HellCraft, Val Halla's Journey and Wild Side of the Window.

The Home of the Lost Ones
The Home of the Lost Ones is a site that chronicles the ongoing adventures of Nesaka and Raynaku as they search the Ten Lands Unity for a home and seek to unravel the mysteries of their own strange natures. ...

The Adventures of Simion Lonewolf
The furry fiction writings of Paul A. Hinchberger III about a wolf morph name Simion Lonewolf. Formerly human, Simion gets pulled into a dimension that is quite different, yet eerily similar to his own. ...

Atara's World of Furry
Atara's site contains her stories, projects and reviews of anthropomorphic fiction.

Shadows and Stones
Eva thought she was just a normal human being, until her shape-shifting heritage was awakened. Now she must learn how to deal with living in a world that will never be the same for her again.

The Continuing Story Pages
A web page of continuing stories. Anyone can contribute - all posts are anonymous.

TJ Bartzer - Out of My Mind...
A collection of dark short fiction and poetry, not for the delicate soul.

The Worlds of Ian
Original Fantasy and Sci-Fi stories, along with some poems, all written by me.

Mark Urbin
Original fiction written by members of my RPG group. Games covered include our Battletech/Mechwarrior, Traveller, and Shadowrun games. Home of the Shadowrunners Guide to Boston.

Stories and Other Things
Welcome to "Stories and Other Things"! Here you'll find at the moment fantasy stories and some pictures having to do with the stories. I hope to add fiction stories and some science fiction. You can also ...

Dragon's Library
Dragon's Library is an archive of sf & fantasy fiction, mainly Wheel of Time, Dark Elf and Star Wars fan fiction. You can also find here our message boards, a links collection and a free newsletter.

Fantasy Realms
This site features fantasy/adventures stories that I wrote, co-wrote or revised. Also includes fantasy pictures of unicorns, fairies, mermaids...

Forge: City of Dreams
Welcome to Forge. Wrapt in steel and glass, above a burning pool of magic, dreams float. Drop by the visitors center, fall into stories of the dreamscape, page through the secret thoughts of the mage-student ...

Abstract Dementia
Home to my original and fanfiction.

The Others Offical Site
The Others are a group of five female superheroes. They live and fight crime in the small college town of Tequila Heights. Blending strength, intellect, and technology they help do their part to keep America ...

The Storyteller
This page has stories from The Storyteller.

The Fantasy Novels of Victoria Strauss
Website of fantasy author Victoria Strauss, featucommunity her books, excerpts, science fiction and fantasy book reviews, articles, a resource on creating and promoting an author's website, and Writer ...

Crazedwriter's Fanfiction Repository
My ever-growing site of fanfiction ranging from Disney's Hunchback (wacky Frollo fan here) and Dinosaur, Titanic, Land Before Time, Star Wars, OZ, ABC soaps, Harry Potter, Gunsmoke, and more. Unusual ...

A Journey into my head

The Twins' Web Site
Hosts fanfic for Highlander, Invisble Man, Buffy, Kindred the Embraced, Friends, SG-1, Champions, Sentinel and is every growing.