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Weaving, spinning, knitting.

Shuttle Works Studio
Weaving, Sock Machine Knitting, Spinning, and Felting at Shuttle Works Studio.

A weaving blog. I also have a gallery attached.

Inkle weaving my way through life.

Alabama Weaver
Various things, but mostly weaving

Daryl's Blog
Follow weaver, fiber artist, educator, and garment designer Daryl Lancaster's creative adventures.

Marlborough Weavers
Marlborough (South Island, New Zealand) Weavers showcasing our work and activities to the rest of the world

Tales of a jUnkaholic
I live in London, UK and I make jewellery for living but I have just started weaving!

Mixed-Up Melange
Creativity expressing itself through color and textile mediums with the occasional glass thrown in. Spinning, Weaving (of various forms), Dyeing from time to time, and Lampwork when I can get it set ...

Scarf A Day
A new handwoven scarf [almost] every day

High Fibre Diet
Natural fibres: more fun than a bowl full of bran!

adventures into weaving ,spinning,knitting,dyeing

Studio Samildanach
A variety of arts, including spinning, knitting, and especially weaving!

Sandra's Loom Blog
I am a professional weaver, specializing in complex weaves using fine threads. Most of my studio work consists of scarves and shawls, woven on a 48-inch, 24-shaft computer-assisted AVL dobby loom.

The what, why and how of my education in weaving

Weaving Discussion Group
Blog about local weaving group meetings and their show and tell items

Banner Mountain Textiles
I blog about my handweaving process and products

I weave, spin, knit, embroider and sometimes even stamp.

Bloomin Loom
Handwoven Textiles - Damask, multi shaft, countermarche

handymade - for the love of yarn
40 something interested in any sort of handicraft. Studying weaving at Pikisaaren Käsi- ja Taideteollinen ammattikoulu (Arts and Crafts)in Oulu, Finland.

Just Weave It
Another Weaving Blog

Star Cross Designs
The blog of a weaver, spinner and historical costumer

Glenna Harris Weavers Guild
The Glenna Harris Weavers Guild strives to encourage its members to explore all aspects of hand weaving and spinning and to pass on the love of our craft with public demonstrations and classes.

Native Weaver
Navajo and traditional tapestry weaving, everything from the fleece to the finished piece.

Between the Warps
This is a blog follwing the adventures of a young tapestry weaver in the world of modern tapestry. Posts include current projects, rants, raves "why tapestry is so hip and cool", and any random tapestry ...

Adventures of a weaving newbie who already has too many looms. If my cats don't destroy my weaving first, then I might get something done around here! I like to weave with cotton and fancy yarns, too! ...

Something Woven This Way Comes
My adventures in learning the process of weaving. You will probably see where I make mistakes (and sometimes there are a lot of them), and when I'm excited about a new purchase. A 1,000 character MINIMUM ...

Spinning Out of Control
Welcome to my blog! Spinning out of control is a blog about weaving, knitting, spinning and anything else I can yak about.I am a weaver and mixed media artist. I come from a long line of New York State ...

So Cal Julie K.
Getting enough fiber? Here will be discussions about my work, life in general, and my dog who I hate. I love my husband and children dearly, but I won't talk about them quite as much. I make artwork ...

Musings, tips, information and much more from an award winning textile designer, who also spins and dyes. The blog passes on information that I've found, in other blogs and websites, that I think will ...

Hand weaver for 30+ years. Graduated Magna cum- laude of Haywood Community College's Professional Crafts/ Fiber program with an associates degree. He business is called Warpology with Web sites: htt://warpology.tripod.com ...

backstrap weaving
My site is devoted to backstrap weaving and particuarly that practiced in Latin America.I post about my latest projects whether they be traditional warp faced textiles or balanced weaves using a rigid ...

Weaver Fever
My site is contains information about me, and about all my weaving and yarn spinning fun. I have pictures of my spinning wheel, loom , fiber, and of course my german angora, her name is Snow Angel. ...

TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List
TAFA is a member-based blog which seeks to promote textile and fiber art web businesses who use social media. The blog format is used to post member profiles which are then categorized into groups and ...

my website is about weaving on my first loom which is a 36" Nilus by Leclerc which is a company based in Quebec, Canada. I just bought it and with ...

Deft Weft Weaving
I have been weaving since college. Thanks to the gift of a Mighty Wolf loom at graduation I have continued to weave in my free time. This blog documents my weaving projects: double weave blankets, point ...

Tien Chiu - Handweaver, World Traveler
My website mostly revolves around two topics: fiber arts and adventure travel. I've documented many of my projects on the site and in my blog - mostly handweaving but also knitting, dyeing, and sewing. ...

Dakini Dreams
My art is an exploration of the importance of change and releasing the past, especially the people and situations that hinder personal growth, empowerment and transformation. The utilization of mythic ...