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Spinning, weaving, knitting, photography

My life is but a tapestry...
A blog about my life as a tapestry weaver

When She Was Knitting
True tales of a girl who plays with yarn.

A look into my maniacal world of fiber obsessions; spinning, weaving and knitting. But then you're just like me, now aren't you?

Constance Rose Textile Design
Northern California weaver, spinner, knitter, dyer

Sheep Workshop
Dyeing, spinning, weaving, everyday life it makes the sheep cloth, from Japan.

Fiber journal of a new weaver, spinner and (longtime) knitter.

Leigh's Fiber Journal
A journal of my fiber and textile explorations.

Krafty Koala
Chemistry teacher by day, fiber freak by night!

lizzies yarns
This is a site about my adventures in the world of textile arts, life with kids, and living in New Brunswick. Dribbles of my life through crafting and good friends

Annie Knits
Despite the title, I am a novice weaver as well.

Warped Women, or what's weft of them

WeaveCast: Where warp meets weft. A podcast devoted to handweaving. Join host, Syne Mitchell, and her guests each month to discuss hand-looms and the people who use them.

Fun With Fiber
Love working with all natural fibers. Spinning, weaving, knitting and dyeing. Have a small studio-shop.

I love to spin, weave, knit and decorate cakes! Started blog to get ideas and input from others as well as share the things I've done. In all honesty, in hopes to prompt me to finish more projects in ...

Smarty Mags
A whole bunch of fiber on the Niagara Frontier.

Hearts on Fibre
Inkle and tablet weaving, tapestry, ruf hooking, spinning, natural and chemical dyes, raising fibre animals, knit, crochet and anything else I can get my hands on.

distracted muse
A blog about weaving, life and the creative process.

Spinning Out
A journal about my spinning, weaving, bead work, felting and other crafty endevors. Also about my life as a person with schizophrenia and just about my life in general.

Snail Spirals
A little bit of everything fibery, and random thoughts from my life in general

Planned Purlhood
A very fiber oriented site. My exploits in spinning, weaving, knitting.

Armidale Spinners and Weavers
News, projects, workshops, and challenges from Armidale Spinners and Weavers in beautiful northern New South Wales, Australia.

Woven ~N~ Spun
We are a home schooling military family wanting to get back to the basics of life. Spinning, weaving, knitting, and all manner of fiber activities are showcased here.

Hi, It's Terri
Terri's weaving, knitting, and spinning.

Handwoven by Kristin Kelley
A daily blog by a stay-at-home-mom and weaver who is just starting to venture into the wonderful world of selling her handwoven textiles.

deceptively packaged
My adventures in crafting of many kinds...

Shacommunity the Fiber Fever
A collection of handcrafted work--mostly spinning, dyeing, and weaving--of a chemist turned stay-at-home-mom.

Weaving Spirit
Enter my weaving studio and see my latest weaving, share my ideas, process and weaving philosophy. With a strong focus on color, plain weave,I hope to inspire newer weavers and re-connect with weavers ...

Abby's Yarns!
Abby Franquemont, involved in the fiber arts since birth, raised a weaver, spinner, knitter, and more, now operates Franquemont Fibers, LLC in southern Ohio, and serves on the board of directors of Andean ...

Twisted and Warped
Adventures in spinning, weaving, and knitting in rural New South Wales, Australia.

Pioneecommunity on the home front
Greetings from the North Island of New Zealand, and welcome to Pioneecommunity on the home front. pioneecommunity |ˌpīəˈniri ng | adjective involving new ideas or methods This ...

A mom and two daughters talk about knitting, homeschooling, and life. Oh yeah. The mom is newly addicted to weaving.

The Broken Needle
A blog showcasing my many adventures in textile creation. Weaving, sewing, spinning, knitting, and embroidery.

Renee Weaves!
A blog about weaving, spinning, dyeing and the fiber arts. I will be discussing projects, the joys, challenges, triumphs, and philosophy of weaving and the fiber arts.

Pleasant & Delightful
Traditional hand weaving, including tartans and fine linens; traditional and ethnic knitting and a little spinning on the side.

Playing with Stcommunity
My obsession with stcommunity - knitting, spinning, weaving, and needlework.

All In A Day...
my thoughts as they relate to my weaving, spinning, knitting, drawing, and painting...and life in general

Schacht Spindle Company
The Schacht Spindle Company website provides information on their weaving, spinning, winding and warping equipment, product manuals, helpful tips and hints for spinners and weavers, local dealers list ...

Inspired by Fiber

My journey into weaving

Weaving Yarnz
Tales from a weaver, spinner and general fibre fool downunder.

Weavermania Productions
this is a blog dedicated to my weaving projects. they are themed around my previous and new projects and I may start writing short tutorials for non-weavers interested in starting weaving.

jazzcat productions
basketry, beadwork, felines, and fiber art

Fiber Brain
Thoughts, feelings, and lessons learned while learning to spin and weave

Weedwacker Knits
Welcome to the magic of knit, spin, and weave. New discoveries happen all the time. Join me at the spinning wheel or by the loom. Pick up your knitting. Fiber rules!

Loomy Thoughts
Where I expound on the joys and trials of learning to weave on a rigid heddle loom on my own - and some other crafty stuff too.

Talking about Weaving
Talking about my weaving activities, which may occasionally including dyeing and spinning

Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio
Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio is a site for fiber newbies and enthusiasts alike. We offer supplies, finished products, and a free quarterly newsletter that is interactive and has a wealth of information ...

Fibre geekery of all sorts, with heavy emphasis on rigid heddle weaving, soari inspired freeform weaving and learning as much as I can about the possibilities of my simple loom.

The Twisted Warp
Leasons in how not to weave like your mother.