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This is a community for online journals and weblogs maintained by those with an affinity toward water in any of its forms.

Chronicles of Suzuki
My thoughts, struggles, and successes of my new life as a motorcycle owner and the joys or pleasures it bcommunitys.

A short \'n fiesty Scorpio gal just trying to make it in the world.

My Journey to Submission
my journal/journey to submission

food for small animals
watersign museum girl follows watery maritime career with a heavy metal shipwreck. did i mention i get seasick?

Visually Pleasing
Visually pleasing views. (to me anyway)

Soggy Pigeon
The trials and tribulations of a random college girl at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Echoes of forgotten times, wrapped within her fins- dance me down- I dream of sound- and taste you in the wind.

Burning Evanescence
The events of one unique individual unfold before the very eyes of her readers. Drop by and get burned . . .

Meltwater. Torrents. Meandecommunitys. Delta.
River Journeys and Tales of Adventure from Now Until the End

Faery Dreams
Sometimes, when you take your last breath, you finally learn to breathe.

By My Hand
Esoteric Renaissance is the online outlet for all things personal, creative, or mundane on the mind of an old soul lost in a new world.

The False Reality
The life and thoughts of one man. Also my written works including poetry,songs,essays, stories, and postings of daily life.{;}

Personal domain and blog of a pisces-aquatique-mermaid girl.{;}

Neurotic Fishbowl
The Neurotic Fishbowl that is my life.

I've always been a child of the sea. This journal is an expression of that.{;}

Sylvia Day | Sensual Romance Author :: Weblog
Romance author Sylvia Day shares the trials and triumphs of writing in today's publishing industry.

Personal Blog with a scorpio twist

this little life of mine
My personal weblog.

Neptune's Folly
Experience the Power of Pisces.

Well of Dreams
Arts, Crafts, Writing and Rambles

Kittens, Dragonsblood & Raspberry Soda
Art, anime, life, astrology, the occult, and the sometimes insane ramblings of a \'not completely there\' artist/photographer.

green tea ROCKS
The writing, ranting and raving of a girl named Kristina, alias kristinaQ. Topics she chooses to open her mouth about are working at home, politics, family life, and more.

The Far Queue
The Far Queue is the Water in Your Ear

The Heather Chronicles
THC is the blog of aspicommunity writer/photographer Heather Gallay, a young woman trying to juggle a long-distance relationship, a career change, and her secret plans to save the earth.