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Il primo community per collegare tutti i siti dedicati ad Ai Yazawa e le sue opere! Sono accettati anche siti che abbiano solo alcune pagine dedicate alla promozione anche di una sola delle opere della mangaka!{;}{;}First Ai Yazawa community, for all websites only o with Yazawa material!

Sweety Paradise
this is a chinese site about ai yazawa~{;}you can find the description of gokinjo, parakiss & nanawithin this site.......{;}

Para Kiss~
An English fansite for Paradise Kiss! Come on in!{;}

A general site that is devoted to one of the best shoujo series out there that is done by a very special managaka Ai Yazawa - Nana.

A website dedicated to the sensei; it focuses mostly on Paradise Kiss and Gokinjo Monogatari, since they are connected, but you can find information on other manga too. ^^{;}There's also a little clique ...

Oluha World! Il mondo di un Black Clover...
Nel mio sito vi descrivo il mio mondo:le mia grandi pasisoni...Ai Yazawa,Neil Gaiman,collezzionare gadgets giapponesi e americani...{;}

Sweety Paradise
a chinese site about ai yazawa san,it focus on gokinjo,paradise kiss,nana and tenshi.{;}there are also some cg in my site!

Blue Havens

[[ Ai ]]
A fansite dedicated to Yazawa Ai's works.

.:~Kuroi Namida~:.
This blog has episode summaries of NANA and some other anime. come and check it out!

shatter the illusion. // - a small site for nana & nobuo, hachi & nobu
A small fansite for the couple Hachi and Nobu from NANA. The site includes images and more!