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This community offers a look back at the Waltons and their wholesome adventures. Take a trip back in time and relive some of your favorite moments with John Boy and the others right here.
Here you can find things like Waltons DVDs including seasons 4 & 5. Find episodes, books,information and more. If you're a fan of the Waltons or know someone who is then this community is worth a browse.

The Waltons Season 4 & 5
The Waltons is an American television series about a family living at Walton's Mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the state of Virginia. Read about all the characters including John-Boy Walton, Jr, ...

The Waltons Season 4 & 5 - A Look Back in Time
For those who still long for John Boy and the gang; you'll be happy to know that you can order The Waltons Season 4 & 5! In the mean time, lets have a look at the highlights from these seasons and maybe fill you in on a little something that you may have missed or even just forgotten!
In season four of the Waltons we see Olivia Walton taking over the local school while the teacher, Miss Hunter is away on her honey moon with her new husband Rev Fordwick. Rev Fordwick also asks John Boy to cover his job of telling sermons at the Church while he is away. Neither Olivia nor John Boy are happy with the situation. Grandma Walton helps them both out. John Boy is also asked by someone at the college he attends to look after another student for the weekend who he takes home and ends up helping him with an attitude problem. He does come and visit several other time during season four. John Walton places an advert for some help at the mill and takes on a prize fighter who wants to win some money so he can set up his own Church. John Boy ends up through an interesting twist becoming the man’s manager and unfortunately he loses the fight. The community rallies around and donates the money and all becomes well. In season four John attends a class reunion which Olivia ends up hosting at the Walton family home. The Baldwin sister finds out some very disturbing news about their father that twists and turns but turns out to be false in the end. Jason finally learns that he has bitten off more than he can chew. John Boy is offered a job in New York but decides to stay at home. Mary Ellen gets her wish and gets accepted in a nursing university. Jim Bob discovers an awful truth. Season four ended on an even note with great success.

Season five of the Waltons starts with a car crash and the first edition of John Boy’s newspaper causes much controversy. Cora-Beth finds out that she cannot have a child which breaks her heart and her and Ike nearly part ways over it. Grandma Walton has to have emergency surgery due to acute appendicitis. Jason has a problem with his scholarship and has to get a job as a piano player to pay for his tuition. John nearly gets struck by some random lightening and is forced to attend a church service he didn’t want to. Some conflict is had over some German books that are to be burnt but they turn out to be Bible readings. Mary Ellen and David Spencer announce their engagement and they have a party to celebrate. Jim Bob also gets some love with a girl called Patsy who catches his eye. But Mary Ellen’s happiness is short lives as she leaves David because of her feelings for Curt. Rosemary Fordwick has her first baby. John Boy disappoints his family and sells some land that he was give by Grandpa Walton. Later in the series Cora-Beth and Ike decide to adopt a baby but get a young girl instead called Aimee. A motorcycle race captures John Boy’s attention. Martha Corinne Walton turns up and causes problems within the Walton home. The Waltons all enjoy a wonderful Christmas that year and the season ends on a high note with John boy returning from New York and Mary Ellen announcing she is pregnant.