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The Waltons is an American television series about a family living at Walton's Mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the state of Virginia. This community is dedicated to the wonderful show and all of its fans.
Read about all the characters including John-Boy Walton, Jr, Livie Walton, Grandma and Grandpa Walton, Mary Ellen Walton, Jason, Erin, Ben, Jim Bob, Elizabeth, Walton. Ike Godsey and more. Find episodes of the show, DVDs, books and more too!

For Fans of The Waltons
For those who continue to love The Waltons, you can find it all from the history to DVDs and even just information on John Boy, Livie, Grandma and Grandpa Walton and the rest of the cast right here.

The Waltons
The Waltons is an American television series about a family living at Walton's Mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the state of Virginia. Read about all the characters including John-Boy Walton, Jr, ...

The Waltons: Love The Or Hate Them
Regardless of when you were born, chances are that you've heard of The Waltons even if only in a funny reference on a spoof comedy! Cheesy and too-wholesome as it may seem to some, the show was actually a huge, long-running hit that still airs today.

The Waltons was a family TV show aired on CBS in 1972. The series is based on the book Spencer’s Mountain and both were written by Earl Hamner Jnr. The story of the Waltons takes place in rural Virginia during World War 2 and features John Walton and his wife Olivia Walton, john’s parents Zebulon and Esther Walton and their seven children. The series is made so that the storyline is seen through one of the major cast’s eyes, this being John Boy who was the eldest son of John and Olivia. John Boy wants to be a journalist but is more than likely going to end up working in the families business of running the lumber yard with his dad and granddad. Other characters cameo in through the series from time to time that stay with the Waltons but soon move on giving the storyline further depth. The townsfolk also feature in the series to enrich the storyline to show the hardships people went through during the war. The show coined the phrase “Good night “because at the end of every episode, with the house in total blackness each member of the family would go round in a circle and bid each other goodnight which became quite a humorous trade mark.

The show won many awards during its long run on the air which included ten Emmys with Micheal Learned winning an Emmy for Lead Actress in a Drama Series in nineteen seventy three, seventy four and seventy six. Another actress also won three Emmys for her contributions to the show as a supporting actress and that was Ellen Corby in nineteen seventy three, seventy five and seventy six.

The cast consisted as Ralph Waite as John Walton, Michael Learned as Olivia Walton, Will Geer as Grandpa Walton, Ellen Corby as Grandma Walton, Richard Thomas and later Robert Wightman as John Boy, Jon Walmsley as Jason Walton, Judy Taylor as Mary Ellen, Mary McDonough as Erin Walton, Eric Scott as Ben Walton, David Harper as Jim Bob, Kami Cotler as Elizabeth Walton and Ronnie Edwards as Corabeth Walton. 

On the back of the success of the TV show they made several full length feature films which began in nineteen eighty two  when three came out in the same year; A wedding on Walton’s Mountain, Mother’s Day on Walton’s Mountain and A Day For Thanks on Walton’s Mountain. Another one followed in nineteen ninety three over eleven years after the last called A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion. A further wedding film was released in nineteen ninety five and an Easter film in nineteen ninety seven. Through all of the TV and films the children played themselves through to the end except for John Boy who was replaced in the final two seasons. The Waltons became a family to those who watched as they saw children grow and blossom before their eyes and older actors unfortunately die. The show became a true image of a family and a reflection of real life in its own right.