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This community is for outstanding sites all over the web whose theme is within the realm of SF, Fantasy, or the Paranormal. Themes can include SF and Fantasy TV shows and movies, aliens, UFOs, vampires, ghosts, RPGs, SF and fantasy artwork, poetry and books, Wicca, Anime, and anything else that might possibly fall within the realm of SF and/or Fantasy. Pagebuilder sites need not apply. Sites must have outstanding content.

Monsters At The End of The Book!!
Grover, and the monsters at the end of the BOOK!{;}

Robotech Online RPG
This site is dedicated to Robotech RPG, and features Pics, Character Creation, and a Chatroom in which to play the RPG on Line. And most important it's free and for fun.

The Sci-fi Domain
Information and multimedia regarding Lexx, Star Trek, X-Files, Red Dwarf and more...{;}{;}

Camarila's Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror Image Galleries
Camarila's Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror Image Galleries includes over 70 image galleries by popular artists. There are also episode guides and photos and links for many Sci-Fi and Horror TV shows. (Also ...

Ultimate Star Trek
Features character bios from all shows, interesting facts, news, sounds, pics and more.{;}

Area52 Awards
This site contains great, neato-keen awards for sites on any and every topic. Stop by and apply for one of our awards!{;}

Odonas HomeWorld
{;}Odonas world is filled with all things trek..{;}More to be added soon!

My Heart's Content
Fun, colorful sight that has grown to contain almost 60 pages filled with family and friends, causes and concerns, memorials and tributes, our Las Vegas wedding and travel adventures including Star Trek ...

Area52 Resources
This site is the hub of our Area52 Community. Here you may write to Area52 Community Leaders for help and advice on site building, apply for our Official Community and Awards, apply to become an Area52 ...

The Matrix-Area52 Tutorials
This site is a cornucopia of tutorials on basic HTML. It outlines the basic HTML tags, shows you how to center objects on your page, place graphics, embed MIDI and WAV files, use background images, put ...

Atlantis Community Center
{;}A neat help site for the starty eyed person

Through a Rogue's Eyes
The definitive Diablo site from a woman's perspective as a strictly rogue role-player. Survival is just the beginning...{;}

Future Bound Beauty
Art galleries featucommunity beautiful women of our near and distant future. PG13 artistic nudity{;}

The Divinity Saga
Home of the Divinity Saga, a new vision of the future of the Human race. Book one: The Undivided Galaxy is now available in paperback or ebook format.

Opinions of a Misanthrope
Reviews of films, TV and books I\'ve recently seen and read, most with an SF angle.

unholy Trinity's Sci-Fi Realm
a personal website devoted to Science Fiction in general and The Matrix in special, offecommunity broad information about Sci-Fi movies, literature and art. Includes the matrixopedia.

Zonetrooper - Home Of Zonetrooper Magazine.
The only home on the web of Cronac - the Temporal Enforcer, Zonetrooper Magazine, Strike Zone the RPG, and the Zonecast podcast. Come on by and check it out.