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The Virtual Military Command Navy emulates operations of the United States Navy using the following military simulators.{;}{;}Fleet Command , 688(i) , Delta Force , F/A-18, Fighters Anthology and more.{;}{;}VMC Navy includes Surface, Naval Aviation, Submarines and Special Operations Forces and Military Police.{;}{;}Our primary focus is realism, but We are in no way affiliated with the US Navy or any other Government organization.{;}{;}

American Alliance
online fleet command site

Gift from Joan
This site chronicles the travels of my father Col. Robert A. Scherr, USMC, from Quantico, VA in 1942 to Guadalcanal and the Pacific Theater, to Korea, to Vietnam. It ends in 1965 and has photos.{;}

Scherr & Scherer Family Pages
The home page of my family web site, with family information, photos, pages dedicated to POW-MIAs and veterans.{;}

My POW/MIA Index
This site is an Index to my adopted POW/MIAs

A Tribute to Col. Robert A. Scherr
This site is dedicated to my Father

Other Important Links
This site contains links to other important websites

Links of Interest
link to other sites

Tribute to the USS Cole
This site is a tribute to the crew of the USS Cole.{;}

Memorial Day Tribute
This site is a tribute to Memorial Day and to those who died defending this great country

The Star Spangled Banner
The site is dedicated to the U.S. Flag

Tribute to Capt. John W. Consolvo, USMC
This site is a Tribute to Capt. COnsolvo, POW/MIA

Summit site to Virtual Military Command community
This site is the Home Page for the VMC Community.{;}

20th VFW
Virtual Fighter Wing for falcon 4.0 and also has downloads links and anything needed for for falcon 4

The VMC JCS Site
This is the JCS Information site for the VMC{;}

A Tribute: Let Us Remember and Be Grateful
A section of my family site dedicated to POW-MIAs, veterans, and those still serving their country{;}

Let Us Remember and Be Grateful - James T. Egan, Jr.
A site dedicted to POW-MIA James T. Egan, Jr., USMC{;}

Lt. Col. Charles James Ramsay, USMC
A page dedicated to POW-MIA Lt. Col. Charles James Ramsay, USMC{;}