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The Yamaha V-Max is by far one of the most powerful motorcycles on the road whether you've got an older model or newer one. So it's no surprise that the V-Max has such a huge following! That's why this community was created - to offer V-Max riders and fanbs a place to go for all things related to Yamaha's V-Max bike.
This is a hot place to find all kinds of information related to the Yamaha V-Max. Use it to find information on the V-Max, parts, manuals, repair information and a whole lot more. There is no better resource for those who love the Yamaha V-Max.

Yamaha V-Max and More
Looking for a Yamaha V-Max for sale? Find it here along with Yamaha V Max information, Parts, Manuals, (repair, service and shop manuals) and much more!

Yamaha V Max For Sale
Find Yamaha V Max information, Parts, Manuals, (repair, service and shop manuals) and more as well as a Yamaha V-Max for sale.

Yamaha V-Max Rules the Road

It flies through the air with greatest of ease. No, it’s not that daring young man on his flying trapeze. It’s the Yamaha V-Max motorcycle. Built by Yamaha, the V-Max is best known for its powerful V4 engine, which gives it an unparalled quick acceleration and insane amount of power – power that may be too much for some of the guys that ride ‘em!

The V-Max was created by an English designer who lived in California, John Reed, who was engaged by Yamaha to design an ultimate custom bike. The result was the V-Max, a muscle cruiser based on the powerful enginer of Yamaha’s Venture series of touring motocycles.

Reed’s vision turned the V-Max into one of the best-selling Japanese motorcycles of all time. With only minor changes, the Yamaha V-Max has been marketed in both Japan and internationally since 1985. Honda even tried to oust the V-Max by creating its own motocyle, the Honda X-4, but it was in production for only six years. No other bike, it seemed, could shake V-Max’s popularity, based primarily on its exceptional reliability.

Until 2007, the original V-Max was offered for sale through the Star Motorcycles division of Yamaha Motorcycles. Apart from a minor freshening to the bike's specifications in 1993, when the bike gained a larger-diameter fork to minimize high-speed wobbling and drift, four-piston brake calipers, and other handling and safety related upgrades, the 2007 V-Max was almost the same as the original 1985 version.

The secret to V-Max was a patented engine system known as V-Boost. This design opens butterfly valves between the manifolds of the first and second, and third and fourth cylinders. The valves open gradually to match the rising rotational speed, gauged by a signal from the ignition system. A small box reads the rotational speed and sends a signal to a servo motor, which pulls a wire to open the butterfly valves. This system adds about top perfect to the engine’s top power rating.

On June 4, 2008, Yamaha released a completely redesigned 2009 VMAX in North America and Europe. The new VMAX features an all-aluminum frame with a 102-cubic-inch, liquid-cooled V4 DOHC engine. Instead of the V-Boost, the new VMAX uses a Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake, a servo that lifts the airhorns inside the airbox starting at 6650 RpM. This shortens the intake system length, giving the new VMAX a stronger acceleration burst than its predecessor. The throttle on the new VMAX also is controlled by a chip that can compute the bike’s functions in milliseconds and adjust for maximum operation.

The V-Max’s cachet has given it a place in popular culture. The 2008 JC Whitney motocycle catalogue features a V-Max. Horror film villain Freddy Krueger uses a V-Max to kill one of his victims in the movie A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child. The character Ken Nakajima, a police officer in the manga and anime’ comic series “You're Under Arrest,” rides a V-Max when off duty.

And for the record - they all ride like the wind.