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Buying vintage clothing has never been hotter or easier! Browsing for vintage clothing online means that you can unleash the fashionista in you at anytime of the day or not as long as you have a computer! This community makes it especially easy!
The Vintage Clothing Community gives you the ideal place to buy vintage clothing or sell it. You can find all kinds of great pieces here to wear or simply to add to your collection. Find clothing fromthe 1920's to 1975 and much more.

Vintage Clothing For Sale
This is a Vintage Clothing Online Store. 1920s to 1975. Vintage and Antique styles for the whole family. Vintage Clothing for Men, Women and Children. Used clothes for Baby to Adult.

Shop for Vintage Clothing
We carry the hottest items in our Vintage Clothing Online Store. Stuff from the 1920s to 1975; we have Vintage and Antique styles for the whole family. Vintage Clothing for Men, Women and Children. Used ...

Lone Star Vintage Clothing
We specialize in women's Vintage Antique Victorian Edwardian Flapper Lindy WWI WWII Swing Rockabilly VLV Mod Tango Prom Formal Ball Gown Dress Lingerie Stockings Garter Bra Girdle Corset Shoes Hat Purse ...

FineLine Antiques
Lifestyle.....discussion of all things related to lifestyle: fashion, home design, antiques, pets, cooking etc. Many mentions and referecences to cool websites.

Vintage,Retro and Reconstructed Clothing
Not your grandmas closet! Handmade vintage insipred clothing, and reconstructions. Specialize in 80s character print handbags, and vintage concert tshirts

The Vintage Clothing Trend - Tips to Getting the Hottest Items
Vintage clothing has never been hotter than it is now! Seriously, that famous saying 'old is new again' couldn't be more true than when it comes to vintage clothing! There was a time when you may have been looked down on for shopping vintage. Actually, for a lot of people 'vintage' just meant 'used' in the most disgusting sense! These days even stars are quick to admit that they're wearing vintage clothing and this includes everything from a cool vintage T-shirt to vintage couture. And as always, when an influential star or fashionista says something is cool, then I suppose it really must be!
Vintage clothing shops as well as sites dedicated to vintage clothes for sale seem to be popping up in droves. This is so great because you ca get your hands on some inexpensive and truly unique items for next to nothing! And if you shop for vintage clothing online, then you can enjoy the perk of building your wardrobe at your pace while sitting in your PJs at two in the morning if that's what you want! The deals are worth mentioning again because online you also get the benefit of using auction sites which allow you to bid on the pieces you like and many times these bids start surprisingly low.
As far as vintage chic goes, THE thing to have is a vintage prom dress. And, wearing a vintage prom dress isn't limited to the prom! These dresses are not only considered super stylish for parties and weddings but, women like Sarah Jessica Parker have made it very trendy to wear a vintage party dress to an everyday function. Way to glam up a trip to McDonalds!!
Shopping for vintage clothing doesn't just mean finding some great pieces of old clothing but you also get to peruse vintage acccessories as well. Vintage shoes, bags, jewelry, belts...the list goes on! Having a keen eye and some patience can help you to score some really fabulous deals and if you know anything about designers and fashion; you could find yourself a real gem! You'd be surprised at how often a coveted item like a vintage Dior bag or a Valentino couture glove --or dare we dream dress--finds its way into a vintage shop or thrift store!
Some things to keep in mind when shopping vintage;
Keep an open mind. You're looking for unique items to add some punch to things you already own so don't rule somethingout right away just because it may be a little sparkly, bright or out there!
Be willing to try things on. Not a lot of thrift shops and vintage boutiques offer refunds or exchanges so be sure it works for you before you buy it.
The tailor is your friend! Not everything is going to fit you perfectly and since these are one-of-a-kind pieces for the most part; if you find something you absolutely love but it doesn't fit quite right, consider whether or not it can be altered. A few bucks spent on alterations is nothing when you consider the value of some of the clothes and factor in how little you actually paid for it!
Buying vintage clothing whether you do it online, in a 'boutique' or a thrift store means finding fashionable and unique pieces for next to nothing. Where's the shame in that??