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Become part of the world of Vevetta. This community is primarily for Sci Fi, Horror, Fantasy,and Gothic sites, but if your site fits into the realm of imagination you are welcome to join....No pornographic sites, please...

The home base for Vevetta S.T.R. Enter the world of Bay Area Artist and Writer William Pattison. Site features: Art Gallery, fan fiction, award, chat, novel preview, hyperlink resource, and the notorious ...

Friday The Thirteenth: Jason's Bloodbath
This site is dedicated to the FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH movie series and the television series. Site Features: Pictures, Legend of Crystal Lake, info, story synopis, online award, chatroom, message board, ...

Bill's Unofficial Puppet Master Website
This site is dedicated to FULL MOON PICTURES' PUPPET MASTER series. Site Features:Legend of Andre Toulon and his living puppets, pictures,posters, online award, info, web poll, chat room,message board, ...

What's SV7 got regarding the 'Doctor Who' universe? Silliness, that's all! Plus... find out how to get free Amazon vouchers!!

Mystical Realms
Mystical Realms is an extensive and unique Interactive Storytelling Role-Playing Community that plays by chat. Web space is available for character development, maps and images, or continuing novels. Guilds, ...

FrightFan's Horror Page
This is a horror movie webpage with many features such as reviews, pics, scripts, ect.

Selafais Project Part I
With assosiation with the [Gods Dreamland] we will present to you the Selafais Project. A Cthulhian fantasy Landscapes project in 6 parts.

Ultimate StarTrek
Features character bios from all series, interesting facts, some news, pictures, sounds and more.

Universe Pathways
Universe Pathways is a sci-fi, fantasy, horror literature and art magazine from Greece. All about gothic, comics, anime, science, music,paranormal, cinema, digital art, photography, Rpg, fantasy and ...

Fiction Magic
Fiction Magic is a forum for people to share their work and meet new people. Although based heavily on fantasy (particularly Elves), Fiction Magic accepts anyone who wishes to join.

Jason Lives
An up to date site on Jason X and the Friday saga

Amidst the Shadows
A no-cost, free-form, roleplaying game. Character interaction will take place on a message board. The world is based on White-Wolf's World of Darkness, my imagination and the continuing input of the ...

3D Artist From Greece
All the 3d artist from greece are welcome to join the community whatever 3d program they use. In the community home page there is a huge member gallery with fantasy, sci-fi, interior design and other ...