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a girl raised in new york relocates to dc and explores the world around her

Superelastic Iconoclastic
Random dispatches from Spcommunityfield, MA

The Nice(er) Wife
A young wife's New Year's resolution to be nicer to her husband plays out.

Bob's Yer Uncle
random musings on life in and beyond New York City

Woozie's Weblog
The best bread and public transport weblog in the world!

the random life
the random life on starving arts

Across a roacommunity hill
A glimpse into the irregular and often-odd thoughts and everyday happenings of Anna, a freestyle occasional poet.

bitter, with a splash of grenadine

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Pix, life and video tales.

Ally Rein Will
The title, The name, it all works on so many levels.

Ghost of something meaningful
Mourning the death of creative thought.


User Friendly
rants, ramblings and other analytic thoughts that pop into my head

A blog of a 20 something experiencing the world.

Rebel's Rants
Daily meme's, thoughts, ideas, rants, rambles, my dreams, and whatever else I can think of to put in here!!

Mindless ramblings of sexy pajamas, garbage days and bulging bladders.

around zero
Daily news on geekness, games, and tech with reviews of music, movies, and other things that people think matter.

Musings of a Blonde Merryweather
Musings, complaints and stories from the daily life of a "glass half empty" kind of woman.

This Week with C.J.
one non-blonde talking about the revolution.

The Daily Email
daily rants from one non-blonde.

Everybody Loves Saturday Night
I'm ready for my book deal now.

downbeat blog
The mad ramblings and public humiliations of a 21 year old student learning to laugh at himself

b: sordid tales of a bloggin' fool
The frothy hoodoo that pours from this mama's mind.

daffodil lament
A daffodil laments..

The Glass Wall
A thinking woman's take on life..views, opinions, rants n more on anything and everything it throws up !

everyday ramblings, rants and observations

Webchicky's Blog
Includes frequent ramblings on topics such as travel, politics, web-related technology and the everyday life of Stacia, a webchicky. Also includes links to a message board for further discussion.

Two lucious shackled women contributing to a concocted poetic weblog about the doldrums of life, adultry, drugs, sex, confusion, clothes, men, work, and mistaken identity.

The Secret Life of Shoes
Personal blog written from the shoe perspective. Bad shoes mean a bad day. Fun blog with interesting tidbits thrown in! Comments welcome

Pearls of Wisdom (and Mindless RANTS!)
Why does it hurt when I pee and the cure for male petter baldness are just a couple of the mysteries I have set out to conquer and answer in my wonderful life. But in the meatime I will settle for spewing ...

Island Girl
More fun than an army of ninja invading your pants!

Pewari's Prattle
‘There never was a child so lovely but his mother was glad to get him asleep.’ - Emerson

If I wasn't writing this blog I'd be causing trouble, possibly trouble in your hometown. Don't you think it's better this way? And sometimes I make the pretty on the pages with the pictures. oo, shiny ...

Van's Word Spill
I can't wright, I can't sing, but at least I have hair.

Dorene Lorenz
Only half the lies are true in these tales told by Alaskan author, artist, designer Dorene Lorenz.

Stunner's Afflictions
This blog discusses various controversial topics ranging from personal views as well as commentary on national and international events and situations.

An entertaining look at American society by young urban professionals

Ask Daddy - Mommy is Off Duty
Ramblings about me, my family and my so-called adventures. I am a WAHM of a three-year-old genius. To pay the bills I am a medical transcriptionist and online retailers of women's lingerie and kid's ...

That Buzz Between Your Legs
The personal journal and occasional rants by an underachieving, misguided and yet wildly amusing 25 year old based in Kingston, Canada.

this little life of mine
Hope spcommunitys eternal in a glass half-empty.

Soggy Pigeon
Architecture student, gamer-girl, designer, and drama queen at the Georgia Institute of Technology!

The Alleged Best Days of my Life
A blog of randomness - specifically intended to blog away my days at university - which ended up full of frivolous oddities.

This is a travel blog of my experiences travelling in Thailand, London, Paris, around Europe, and over the United States.

DawnLords Onödiga Vetande - Idioti och humor med inslag av nyheter och musik
Idoldyrkan och andra triviala ting i livet. Musik och bra artister kan med stor sannolikhet nämnas någonstans bland dessa sidor.

Domesticated Bloggage
Mind dump of a middle-aged knitaholic

A Blog of 2 Witches
2 women, friends for nearly 20 years, blog about life and family, hearth and home, parenting, marriage and Paganism

Celebriosity is about celebrity news, gossip, movies, movie trailers, dvd reviews, television, and the world that revolves around celebrities.