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An ecoanarchafeminist from Aotearoa ranting about life, love, politics, spirituality, sexuality, mental health, poetry, and a serious drinking chocolate addiction.

A compendium of news and opinion focusing on politics,culture,law,news, and literature.

The Hell Chronicles
My this and thats, complaints and grievances, worries and wonders and all that other meaningless shit that happens in this forsaken life. {;}

house arrest
sometimes funny. sometimes quirky. always honest.

Mike's Random Muses
This Blog is an outlet for the random thoughts of an amateur opinionator.....{;}{;}TV is full of professional opinionators. The internet gives the amateur his chance.{;}{;}

The False Reality
The life and thoguhts of one man. Including the written works of him, including: Poetry,Essays,Songs,Stories, and other writings, along with everyday life postings.

The Purple Pen
Daily reporting on life in Montréal, Québec from an exiled Brit with three school-aged children

Random thoughts of a girl trying to finish up college while dealing with bipolar disorder and other things that aren't quite as depressing.

the journal of a starving artist
a day in the life of an out-of-wok actor. wait, i DO have a crappy part time job, but you get my drift.

Ko Defendant
A little place on Earth I call my own.

The Naked Beef Man
Food is sexy...the lives of three rockin' college girls.

reserved for those occasions when i feel the need to share my excitement with the world.

My Crazy World
A Journal about a 16 year old girl just trying to get through each die without dying.

greasing cheese lesbians with corpse juice since 1884.{;}{;}My blog.

A Mindful Life: Express, Discover, Renew, Create
Thoughts and resources about mental health and living fully.

The Enigmatic Musings of a Cynical Mind
The random, wry, ascerbic,cynical and sometimes humorous thoughts,ideas, and odservations of a man trapped in a world he did not make.

Nicole's World
Ranting and ramblings from a somewhat normal and entertaining girl.

Politics, religion, culture - because language is a virus. Jottings of an academic mom obsessed with all thing viral.

The Account of David Pryor
The thoughts on religion by David Pryor...

anthony's weblog
anthony. nyu. journalist. blog. funny guy.

Last Kiss Blog Junk
*what do you think?*

smalltime : : . . . 365 days in the life of a mug punter
a frequently updated report of the gambling misadventures and financial backsliding of a smalltime punter charting the action over a year of penny ante bets

Naked Thoughts
My life. Uncensored with typos. I'm bocommunity, and you have been warned. This is not just a blog. I call this my journal.

starshine shimmerdust
the insane ramblings of a genki chibi lost in a world of confusion

- asinine scribblings -
sweetness CAN kill. or choke YOU to death.

The Mad Bull's Blog
Gain an insight into the Jamaican psyche... Look into the inner workings of one Jamaican's mind, look at his likes, loves and dislikes, at his thoughts on various issues.

Thanatos Totem
This is a place as many others exist. But this is my place, where I put my everyday feelings and analyze my everday thoughts. Be my guest and enjoy your visit ... and tell me why love always lacks courage ...

dreaming in denmark
bite sized words.

Ipse Dixit
Because I say so...

Taiwan_On's Notes From The Asylum
Just take the first left after occasional drug use and excessive masturbation.

Boat Drinks, Jimmy
Brain ventilation and what have you.

Drunken observations on the Human condition.

Blog of a Muslim woman

whatever is rambling in my mind at the moment.

Coney Island of the Mind
Writer and photographer in love with the city after 10 long years of living here and telling you why. And other stuff.{;}

Jadyn's journal
My journal. Link on the 'me' page.

Reprobate Silver
Journal of a weirdo with virtually no life to speak of but plenty to say about it anyway.

Prairie Tide
Looking at Midwestern life through a microscope

Burning Evanescence
The events of one unique individual unfold before the very eyes of her readers. Drop by and get burned . . .

Momentary lapses of insanity...
occasional rants or observations on life as I know it

elephant shoe
a little of this and a little of that - always fun stuff

The blog of a 20something Londoner who has packed in her dull job and gone off traveling for a year.

Writer's Blog
Occassional rumminations about life on the plant New York and siminal reality beyond its borders

Kitty Power
Early 20s. NYC. On the verge...of something or another. Part-time lover. Full-time hater. Woman girl about town.

From Jen's Pen
This is my writer's site. This is my online resume, so to speak. Samples of my work can be seen here. Not a lot there now, but I add to it from time to time.

Reflections ...
reflections on life, love, trial, passion and glory, ... and online entertainment, such as daily cartoons, e-cards, fun tests, and more!

ZardozZ ®
WebLog focusing on political humor, current world events, politics, religion, sports and the endless every day shit that continuously hits the fan. Welcoming interactive comments and discussion in the ...

My most verbosity concept blog.

Paradigm Shifts
A journal of changes and sameness

written words