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I mostly write about relgious issues, however from time to time I go on rants about whatever may be on my mind.

sophie's fair
sophie? who is she? a guerilla artist and kid-friendly blogger who still goes to Sunday School... does a mean pas de chat and grande jete... stinks at playing drums... learned french from her flighty french ...

News from the Great Beyond
Thoughts, ramblings and updates from a Phoenix AZ blogger who loves baseball, Jesus and music, and hates stupid people, her job, and the New York Yankees.

The Glamazon Shoe Diaries
Chock full of the trials and tribulations, reviews/recommendations of music and literature. Anecdotes, stories and woes of a 25 year old chick studying Electronic Design, living in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. ...

SwanShadow Thinks Out Loud
Musings from one of the most mercurial minds on the planet: writer, teacher, critic, curmudgeon. A mind that can't sit still, so it thinks out loud.

Writer's Block
Pamela Joy's weblog regaling the trials and tribulations of becoming a writer. This weblog also serves as the what's new for the AlaskanWriters Yahoo group.

So long and thanks for all the phish...
A mixture of IT techno babble, fishy tales and SCUBA diving paraphernalia

Me, Myself, And I
My life living with hiv, the mundane, the real, medical issues, relgion, whatever pops into my head.

There's words. There's Pictures. There's something here for everyone

Webkittyn Warbles ... and Warbles
Just a wandecommunity Webkittyn warbling her way through what life tosses and trying to keep a smile. Warble warble!

Fun loving, out of this world, drop dead nutty, Yorkshire Lass with a hint of Lancashire Wit!!

Come On, Get Lively
The personal weblog of author Kathryn Lively

Hugh Cook: Life in Japan
Hugh Cook's life in Japan ... food, travel, haircuts ... plus literature, writing, politics etc ... (ants, Russian lunar robots, etc) ....

grep computer(s)
Technology is part of our everyday lives - even if we don't see it. Computers happen to be a bigger part of my life than most others. But there *is* more to my life than computers...

Garrett Jones
The Not-So Secret Diary of Garrett Jones. A guy who's full of himself.

Something to Do
the ramblings of a 20-something, recent college grad attempting to get used to her new nyc life, including frequent rants concerning inability to secure desired career in publishing.. basically just something ...

Owls' Court
Musings on art, literature, music, music, some literature, life, culture, people these days, some more music...

What Are Words For
the semi-daily musings of a lesbian{;}living in Houston Texas{;}

The daily bloggings of a vile temptress. All day, every day.

Neurotic Fishbowl
The Neurotic Fishbowl that is my life...

Marn's Big Adventure
The life and times of a woman who makes Emily Dickinson look like a party animal.

A girl blogging to you straight from the Coastal Empire of Georgia.

Purple Musings
Random thoughts about life, love, and creativity.

cigarettes and alcohol
blurry vision, confused mind, battered heart

Warped Core: The Blog/Anti-Blog Reaction
On the contradictory terms of spreading the message of the ridiculousness of blogging, the Warped Core weblog was founded. Articles and commentaries on the general stupidity of humanity, random product ...

Letters to God
Personal, one-sided communication between one man and his God

The ISAA Rapport Blog
A blog for the size acceptance internet radio show 'The ISAA Rapport.' Blogs will be made by both of the show's hosts, Allen Steadham and Gia Melissa Marciano.

Waiting For Something
The journal of a twenty-something student in England - constantly trying to fill his life with gadgets, fun and attempted self-improvement, but always finding that what he does isn't quite enough to satisfy. ...

There is a point to this. Really...

Setting you up and letting you fall....zaftig's life date

Step Into the Nexus
Stimulating the MIND, BODY & SOUL

Rambles From Swedeland
A journal dedicated to the adventures of one American woman in Sweden. Watch out--I like to ramble.

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
Musings and metamusings from Boyhowdy, poet, father, husband, teacher and resident dorm parent at a New England prep school who knows the difference between brevity and verbosity and isn't afraid to use ...

The Origami Box
Just my daily musing.

Where the Hell Was I?
Nothing but honest, heartfelt commentary on random events, most of which never actually happened. Plus some other stuff.{;}

A contradicted mind that rules a hyper girl that have a lot to say!

Programming in E
The journal of a tortured anime fan in Malaysia trying to wade through the mirth of politics, studies and DVD-induced financial crisis

Mind Streaming
copiuosly illustrated with original images on line personal journal of john coxon,with a lot of refelctions on aspects of UK culture and heritage but much more. Topic entry acces to archived entries and ...

Inconsequential Natter: A Manifesto
Crabby Kansas girl who loves cooking, art and theatre yaps about various subjects. You should yap back!

My messy life in fiber arts, figurative sculpture, PR writing and editing and social work.

Me and my ramblings.

Eso que llaman mi vida...
The Daily Journal of a Spanish 30-sth living on her own.In Spanish.

just what IS on otto's mind, anyway?

Random Acts of Senseless Thinking
Miscellaneous junk floating around in my head translated into word and posted for all the world to see.

jozjozjoz :: brain barf... yum!
brain barf from an asian american chick living in los angeles.

Support Your Local Busker
A site/blog in support of my 'zine about busking in the NYC subways, PLATFORM

The One with the Most Books Wins
Books we have read and books we want to read among other literati things, along with book reviews of what we have read.{;}{;}

ooberlooba maffydoo
randomness from a semi-closet geek and born again festival crusty

That cat can walk like a big bad man's journal
I am an egocentric girl who just loves to waste words and words on one subject: myself.{;}I also live in Italy, so from time to time I write in italian. Deal with it, it's just matter of skipping one or ...

color-me-in sky
in the words of a 19-year-old lesbian poet...