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Verbosity: A community for people who blog--alot.

mindless matter
some say I'm out of my tree, but I say to them " it wasn't my tree"

Netivat Sofrut: diary of a Soferet
My adventures in healing the world by doing Holy work...

Just Another Girl On The IRT
The musings and mind droppings of a pseudo-intellectual hellcat in high heels who thinks she knows it all, but has no idea.

NYTE Blogging
Just an almost 30 chickie going through the motions of life.

Ever wonder what trips and dances though a kat's mind late at night?

The world according to a Dutch guy living in Canada.

London Underground blog
Discover the London Underground with one woman's daily experiences of travelling on the London Underground subway system or the Tube as it is known to the locals. From the webmaster of GoingUndergrou ...

the delicious and the not so delicious, tiny morsels of me

Ramblings of a twenty somthing Irish girl with too much time on her hands =D

Vicious Thinks
A thoroughly biased, highly edited, completely opinionated, partially inaccurate guide to what goes on in my head.

Chronicles of Suzuki
My thoughts, struggles, and successes of my new life as a motorcycle owner and the joys or pleasures it bcommunitys.

The Midly Annoyed Canadian
The thoughts, rantings and ravings of a Canadian who has finally had enough and is ready to do something about it...create a blog that few will likely read and quietly vent off my frustrations, hoping ...

The South Beach Diocese
Photo filled life of a high scool senior, better then you'd expect!

moosifer jones' grouching
Mags' blog, with a link to her homepage. Waffle on cats, writing, Devon, grrly stuff and the usual pointless pop culture things.

Planetary Verbosity
Ramblings of a thirtysomething pagan homesteader.

Eccentric Bohemian Hermits
You need to be one to understand the concept. Suffice it to say, being one doesn't fit in well with marriage, kids, jobs, or even life. Just as well this particular Eccentric Bohemian Hermit has a sense ...

A meandecommunity account of my life, stories about my pets and other random musings.

DarkCITY Rooftop Religion
The musings on life in Americana. From the point of view of an average caustic american son. Come on over to dark city and rap with me.

The Technofile
Reviews and features about all the latest hardware & software for creatives: music, video, film, photography, DJing, VJing, design, art, animation, books, courses and more.

Who knows?
A place where I talk about anything and everything ... badly.

Yorkshire Snowman
Crazy world of a Yorkshire bloke on the run from the men in white coats.

The Hodgepodger
Personal stories and writings about all the things that shaped my life. Memories that are good and others that cut like shards of glass

What makes you happy ?
Blogging with WordPress. Lots of words, daily posts on anything that happens to pass through my mind, lots of WordPress help available. From News to the inane.

Lines can haunt you...
I like cheese. Also: I nap a lot. And: if it could have happened, it might have happened. ...she is exactly the type of person who could work the till at Shopper's Drug Mart for the rest of her life ...

quote no man
one long scream