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To link all sites of people who are vegetarians!! Does not need ot be animal related and does not need to have veggie/vegan information.{;}

Serena's Veggie Links
Resourceful and fun list of links dealing with vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. Restaraunt searcher finds vegetarian restaurants anywhere in the world! Try it out!

Vegan Treehouse Bookstore
An online bookstore selling vegan cookbooks (from general to raw foods, gourmet, and macrobiotic), and books on vegan nutrition, philosophy, animal rights, travel, and more.

Animal Rights Activist Resources
Many links and resources for animal rights activists. Check out my veggie links page for vegetarians and vegans.

Valkyrie's Dr. Who Tattoo and Vegetarian Recipes
Hearty Recipes from my kitchen that even my carnivore friends enjoy. Some lacto-ovo but most are adaptable to vegan. Also cake and cookie recipes (ovo), recycling tips and crafty household hints. Site ...

Health Connections Food and Nutrition
Resources about food and health

Dark Roze
a french personal site with poetry, animals and much more!

Jane's Recipe Page
Vegetarian recipe page