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A community for webloggers who happen to be vegetarian or vegan.

Never Knew I Was Living In The World
My rants, raves, rumblings about anything and everything. My random thought process. We are the youth We'll take your fascism away We are the youth Apologise for another day We are the youth ...

Journal of San Sunny Blue...
This is my blog. I'm trying be a vegan again.

Purple Elephant's Corner
This is me a vegan parent in the UK. I blog about veganism, Feminism, Parenting, or anything else that comes to mind,

eshe: the elements of 1
just me and my world

When you wake up in the morning, how do you decide which shade of black to wear?{;}

Veggie Blogs
Home page of veggie Blogs

cigarettes and alcohol
about the life and love of a fat vegan{;}

opinionated ramblings on life by a south london veggie

Serene Chaos
The often quite random babblings of me - Rebecca.

:::: M.O.O.N. Work ::::
M.O.O.N (Making Our Own Noise) Work Productions envisions creating a community where African women can meet, teach, learn, and create together through various artistic experiences. {;}{;}

the loquacious one
Everyday I see something in teh news that outrages me. I need a place to write it down. This blog is as good a spot as any.

Ad hoc
{;}Semi-daily input from NikaVee, working in a major ad agency located downtown. Everything from the Monday morning status meetings to Happy Hour on Fridays. Basically, creative bitching sprinkled with ...

pieceoblog ::: whatever kicks my babble
i blog about anything that my inspiration into gear

Plath's Adventures
Plath's Adventures in Knitting, Spinning and Life

This is the blog (weblog) of the girl known as the Bacteria to some, Siamkatze to others. It may contain: bocommunity rants, unimportant drivel, opinions, swear words. If you don't like any of that, don't ...

{;}My own personal bitchfest. Bitching about anything from my day, writers block, loves, losses, and/or the garbage truck that wakes me at 4am. There's always something to bitch about.

Sinister Dexterity
semiotic gazpacho with holistic habaneros{;}

not enough drew in the world
Drew is a 24 year old vegetarian whose blog is a queer blend of Bridget Jones, Alistair Cooke and those unsolicited viagra emails.{;}

California Rantings
Welcome to Becky's World--don't forget to tip your tourguide! Mere words can not describe...I am a early 30-something divorced workaholic living in Northern California. Can life get any better than ...

An liberal atheistic VegBlog
As the title suggests, this is the blog of someone who is somewhat left of center on the political spectrum, who is skeptical about all things superstitious and does not believe in a god that created a ...

a mostly vegan, all vegetarian cooking and food blog with tons of great pictures and recipes.

Victorious Triumphantry
architecture, design, urban design, vegetarianism, sociology, music, general rants... a personal blog.

My blogger which includes entries about my life and my views on things

dreams of a river selkie...
a blogger with a superhero complex!

Broken Down Angel
A usually daily, highly sarcastic look at my life complemented with random quizzes and blinkies :)