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The Moderate Liberal
In my idealized America we'd have a liberal House trying to solve all the problems, a conservative Senate tossing away all the bad ideas while perfecting the good ones and as president we'd have, well, ...

I Was Thinking
This blog belongs to an immoderate moderate wingnuts beware.

The Centrist Coalition
A gathecommunity place for moderates, centrists, and other shady, conspiratorial types. Serious, aggressive conspiratorial activities aimed at electing more centrists to office and lobbying for centrist ...

Mr. Pete's Pages
A blog where I, Mr. Pete, put whatever crosses my mind. I blog about politics, world events, science and technology, sports, and life in general.

the coyote's bark
a currently left leaning weblog (was right leaning ducommunity clinton) lots of photos, a site o'the day and calling the bs for what it is.

I am augustus and i am right

Convoluted Insanity
Anger and frustration with no apparent target. Ingest that verbal poison. The thoughts and rants of a disillusioned, straight, white male (we're an endangered species now!) Stop by and share the pain. ...

Indie Castle
All Indie, all the time!

The Modo Blog
A Moderate Republican physician in Vermont comments on psychiatry, healthcare, culture and politics

Armed Victim
political satire

Answers to questions that no one has asked me.

this is a little site I made for my band. its not much, but its what we have...for now

Jersey Curmudgeon
A blog for people from the Vital Center of American politics - those more interested in practical solutions than in dogmatic ideologies.

Center-wing Extremist
I used to be a Religious Right-wing GOP Christian. It's better to be religious than atheist, but sometimes atheists get blessed and the church gets cursed. It's better to be right-wing than left-wing, ...

AnnabelleDickson. You wouldn't know me. My take on the world and everything in it. Social, political and cultural commentary.

Smooth Stone
Restocommunity truth to the Middle East narrative

Links To Life
Website regularly posting links to new, information and commentary that is timely and relevant to people's lives. Points of view from left, center, right and fcommunityes aired and examined.