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A community for sites devoted to fictional vampires and villains from TV, cinema, and literature. Charismatic bloodsuckers and evil characters galore!

Vampire Site Button Exchange and TopSiteList, Vampire Book of the Month, Vampire Pic of the Month, Literature, Movies, Myth, History and much much more. Explocommunity the world of vampires in all forms. ...

Diavolo Nero
Soulstarsinger's fanfiction archive, containing fanfiction for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Andromeda, Lord of the Communitys, and more. Ranges from dark to downright silly.

Spikes Loyal Slaves
This site is for the Man in front of the fangs, and behind, James Marsters and William the Bloody. We have Fan fic, gallerys, and Bio's for the both! But, we are in a great need for more fan fic! If you ...

Angelus Dedication
The site where Angelus rules! He's giving you the insight on his life, his women and everything you ever wanted (or not) to know about the evil vamp.

Act Like An Angel (Don't Be One)
It's just a site I started out of boredom, but osmewhere along the line I got sort of attched. You tell me why because I can't figure it out.

Harlot & Scarlet
Darla/Drusilla shipper site. Lots of information and pictures on the girls, such as which episodes they apppear in.

Spiked & Skewered
Comprehensive site devoted to Spike from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. Tons of info, fun and games - all in all, more Spike than you can shake a stake at.

A Tomb With a View
Dedication to Darla and Drusilla, with info on the deadly duo both separately and together, plus multimedia and interactive sections, an appreciation clique and more.

Of Luv and Blood
Of Luv and Blood is one of the largest homes for The Lost Boys fanfiction, as well as a large chunk of Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter fiction. I accept submissions of any fandom, however.

SunDown SunRise
A modern-day vampire tale, set amongst the Gothic music scene

For Flying Servants Only.......
The official site of up and coming horror author Kristin Battestella! Fiction, pictures, reviews, and more!