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Onyx MoonShadow
This is my personal website that concerns me, my beliefs, and some views on diffecommunity topics.

In Medias Res
this site is a UK/European site and organisation on real vampirism..it's founder is a council member of the Vampire Church..

The Reaper's Crypt
Do you need any fonts,midis,wavs of the horror kind, then come for a visit with me and we will have a frightful time.

The main page for the Silver Moon Organizations with links to the Silver-Moon elist, Darkness Against Child Abuse (DACA) and other Silver-Moon sites.

The page of a new generation, the dawn of the darkness, the key to answers. Sanctuary to all vampires, this site allows you to find the answers. Chat with existing vampires and maybe become one yourself. ...

The Night
The views of the Night, from the Spirit of the Night, includes Book of Shadows, Lost Boys, Blood, Vampires, The Salem Witch Trials, Vampire Willow, Crystals, Chakras, Love Potions, Wicca, Games and the ...

Witchcraft Club.

The Vampire Project
An online vampire research portal, with resources and information, folklore and historical writings, and otherkin related materials. All topics covered here deal with vampires or other kin. Topics are ...

The United Vampire Haven
A Safe haven for vampires and donors to network. All Vampires from all covens and or houses are welcome to join.

Darkest Soul
The Darkest Soul is a creative dark vampire site featucommunity dark poetry,stories and more.