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A community dedicated to an underappreciated game...if you love it, then this is the place for you!

Ayana's Sanctuary
Heya! I guess I should say something here. Well, my site has VP fanart, and my own original artwork too......I guess....

Gerald Tarrant's Valkyrie Profile
An extensive resource on Valkyrie Profile plus excellent images, music, and more. Promised constant updates and low amount of broken links; part of a larger site dealing with games.{;}

Pics and various datas about Valkyrie Profile. Currently under construction (the whole site is operational though) which means lots of updates:). Lots of stuff to be added soon (FAQ, screenshots etc.. ...

Flickecommunity Flames
A fan shrine to loki that's been open since late 2001, packed with information about the god Loki, both the mythological version and the Valkyrie Profile version. Art, pics, theories, and more, even a ...

Valkyrie Profile Fans
The ONLY general Valkyrie Profile fanclub in deviantART. We have contests, fanfic/fanart, miscellaneous section (where we add some information about the game, most likely used for contest reference), etc. ...

Freva's Valkyrie Profile Shrine
A shrine for all things Valkyrie Profile! Walkthroughs, Einherjar info, trivia, fandom and much more.