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a begining gardeners efforts to turn our city lot into a sustainable urban homestead by livin' local and cookin' seasonal.

Postmodern Homestead

Planet Veggie Garden
Four amateur urban gardeners in Oakland California taking their gardening to a more intense level. Year in and year out we’ve planted and eaten. But this year we’re upping the ante and decidedly focusing ...

Unschooling. Attachment Parenting. Urban Homesteading. Sustainable Living. And everything in between.

ethereal craftiness by a pair of deviants

The Backyard Homestead
Our daily journey toward a more sustainable life: gardening, canning, chicken raising, children raising, and a few opinions thrown in along the way.

Lesons on Becoming Myself

One Green Generation
We must become One Green Generation: United Across the Divides of Age, Class, Race, Creed, Country, Religion, or Political Ideology. Now is the time to preserve our planet with our lifestyles. We are ...

The PURE Gardener
Information on organic gardening, urban gardening, natural life, the green movement! We whole heartedly believe in preserving our earth and living as organic as possible!

Accidentally Frugal
Heather Portland Suburbia, Oregon, United States Wherein I strive to use less, resuse more, stop composting, stop weeding, talk my fiance into chickens, garden organically and have fun while doing it! ...

ToMo Urban Homesteading
One family's approach toward a more frugal and low impact lifestyle

little jenny wren
daily adventures of a family of five living simply in suburbia.

(title in progress)
A girl. A boy. Two cats. Trying their hand at urban homesteading.

Little House in the Suburbs
2 friends, 2 little houses, lots of homestead-y projects

Lizzy Lane Farm
a blog about living a simple life, homesteading,farming and family on our little farm in the country

Brooke Morrison Hammel
I am a simple woman with simple loves: my Jesus, my husband and my children, my garden and my kitchen. If there is work to be done with my hands, I am there with great pleasure - sewing, crocheting, even ...

Mary's Florida Garden
Our journey to self-sufficiency on 4 acres in Central Florida. We have two dairy cows, chickens, citrus and other fruit trees, and a groing vegetable garden.

Towards Sustainability
The journal of an Australian family of five, baby-stepping their way to a simpler, more sustainable future in suburbia.

The Suburban Plot
I'm a stranger in a very strange land, and together, my husband and I are turning a neglected suburban plot of land into a fruitful & nourishing place to call home. Stick around and see what we do with ...

Urban Sustainable Living
The Ezine for Urban Sustainable Living, presented by Patti Moreno the Garden Girl.

living Mind to Mouth
The concept of living Mind to Mouth, is about an effort to use limited resources to eat and live well. Currently in a blog format mindtomouth.org will be expanding into an online collaborative toolset ...

Homesteading In Kansas
A glimpse into the life of an urban homesteading family of 7. We raise chickens, vegetables, fruits and bees while learning to lessen our impact on the earth.

Urban Oasis
We build and repurpose useless and useful objects of beauty. We eat homegrown eggs. We're teacommunity up our lawn bit by bit and replacing it with garden. We're making use of a tiny house on a tiny ...

Down to Earth
We discuss vegetable and fruit gardening, slowing down and being mindful, cooking simple food, keeping chickens and worms, composting, green cleaning, stockpiling and preserving, living well on a small ...

The Urban Trowel
Adapting in place for peak-oil. Aiming at sustainability. Reducing consumption of resources. Yet trying to maintain some normalacy through it all.

Rebel Pigs Future Farm
Urbanite mom who is learning and doing the home skills while waiting to be able to garden. Site has crafts, canning, baking, frugal living and research. We will be starting the rehab of an old country ...

Going a little bit feral
A mother of four seeking a simpler and more sustainable life. Currently at home, I'm stepping up my sustainable goals in 2009.

YellowTree Farm
There is an exciting challenge ahead of all of us: How can we revitalize our extraordinary planet, ensucommunity life and health for the environment, the ecosystems, humankind, and future generations? ...

The Greening of Gavin
An Ordinary Australian Man Who Has A Green Epiphany Whilst Watching A Documentary, Gets a Hybrid Car, Plants A Large Organic Vegetable Garden, Goes Totally Solar, Lowers Consumption, Feeds Composts Bins ...

No Ordinary Homestead
An almost 30 American living in Germany, trying to become more self-sufficient. We live in an 1830's farmhouse and are doing our best to renovate it while learning to be new parents. Our goal is to provide ...

DIY Winterdreams
Join me on my quest to become more self sufficient and sustainable. The site will focus on permaculture, doing things for yourself, growing your own food, alternative building and energy.

Nature Deva
This blog is about my journey living an earth-friendly ethical life through sustainable ways. We discuss organic gardening, winter gardening, local and seasonal food, food preservation, nutrition and ...

My Adventures in Sustainable Living
I am trying to be more sustainable and show my family that it can be done with little hardship. We are doing a lot of things that are new to us and some things that we are honing our skills on. But I ...

Mindful Living in Minnesota - Where the 4 of us get together to discuss eco-consciousness, slow living, gardening, farmer's markets + CSAs, sustainability, handcrafted / homemade goodness, energy efficiency ...

porch side abundance
With roots in the technical (computer/web programming) and the creative (music,art,writing) worlds, I discovered a paradise in my own backyard when I started explocommunity edible landscape and design. ...

The 5400 Square Foot Homestead
A 60'x 90' urban in northeastern Illinois is being overtaken by fruit trees, berry bushes raised vegetables beds, poultry, rabbits and more. Join us as we discover old ways of living - growing, making, ...

Harvest Moon Homestead
Join us as we start from scratch in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. We will build a log cabin from scratch. And start a homestead seep in the woods. It may be a hard bust it will be worth it.

Apron Stcommunitys and Chicken Wings
Living a citified farm life in my own backyard!

Saxton Road
Adventures in contentment,urban homesteading,organic gardening,frugality and going green.

Small homestead in a townhouse in the Atlanta suburbs.

Eighth of an Acre Bounty
Thoughts and anecdotes on cooking, critters, gardening, self sufficiency and sustainability on our little eighth of an acre urban home.

Crunchy Chicken
Urban homesteading in the heart of Seattle. Putting the mental in environmental, check in daily for an irreverent look at the state of the environment and follow along with the misadventures of a family ...

Aunt Janet's Striving for the Simple Life
My search for the simple life - Simplifying my life, my finances, my home, my work, ...

A Nervous Rabbit
A trip through life DIY (do-it-yourself) style. Following my trek toward self-sufficiency on just over 1/10 acre, one project at a time.

The Mother of the Munchkins
Independent contractor/freelancer typically found entrenched at home fighting the good war against the gimmes and the I-don't-wannas. I blog recklessly, as all mothers of children under the age of seven ...

The Green Rainbow
The regular blog of a landlocked but determined girl, trying to be as self-sufficient as possible in a city - come and visit for windowsills full of lettuce and tomatoes in the bathroom. Wahey!

Concrete Gardens
Urban sustainability - how to be green and as self sufficient as possible when you live in an apartment or have no patch of land to call your own

Slowing Down With The Jonses' Our Journey towards Urban sustainability
A journal of our changes towards a more simple life and self sustainability, living in a town in Somerset, UK.

hippy chick's adventure to sustainable happiness
life of a girl making efforts to live simple

Urban Homestead
Rural Self-Sufficiency in an Urban Landscape