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Click Member link to see site in tvAmy's Journey - Unschooling Through High School
Amy left school at the end of March, 2008, when she was in grade nine, to be unschooled. It started with us reading the Teenage Liberation Handbook together, and has moved on from there. Finding out about ...

unschooling in sachsen/anhalt
a german unschooling blog by artur-andrzej

Dodos & Dandelions
A home-education blog from an unschooling family in the UK. Everyday life as we live, laugh and learn !

Appreciating life as a mother and learning every day.

this inspired life
I am an unschooling mama to four wonderful children, a dabbler in all things creative, an obsessive heirloom tomato gardener, lover of nature and a passionate student and advocate of Non-Violent Commu ...

The Expanding Life
A blog about unschooling, literature, history, and any other topics that expand my family's life.

7 Free Spirits
The day-to-day adventures of our family as we journey through this free lifestyle.

Sand and Stardust
Family of 5, living on a farm in Southwest Florida and our journey toward radical unschooling. All the grit, wonder and thoughtfulness of the journey is included....too much opinion perhaps, but lots ...

A family of three navigating life and learning with heavy doses of creativity and nature. The map of our life is a little wonky but we still have a working compass.

L'enfant sauvage
Site familial non-sco, idées d'activités avec les enfants, compte-rendus de visites et créations personnelles

Childwild follows my adventures raising feral children in an urban wonderland. I write about homeschooling, attachment parenting, and sustainable family living.

Mrs. Soytastic Trips the Light Fantastic
a 40-something, happily married, vegan, tea drinking, homeschooling, former public school teaching, politically liberal, Catholic mom of three fun kids and one cute Jack Russell Terrier trips the light ...

What We're Learning Now
We are just starting on our unschooling journey.

Bee Space
Me and the bee and husband Johnny.

WILL - Wild Indigo Life Learners
Wild Indigo Life Learners is made up of unschooling families who have chosen to be facilitators in the life learning journey of their children. We wish to encourage our children to pursue those things ...

Gaze Into the Heavens
An eclectic unschooling and general family blog about myself and my four children.

Silent Infinity
I dropped out of school at 15 to pursue an education. Need I say more?

living our own lives
this blog chronicles our life learning adventures as a family as well as our leap into urban homesteading

Songbirdsfamily - Unschooling in Germany
We are a family of 4 currently living and learning in Germany. We are unschooling, but my oldest daughter has to go to school as German Law doesn't allow homeschooling. But we were lucky to have found ...

The State I'm In....
Single mum of two, unschooling the youngest who has Asperger's Syndrome.

Authentically Unique
African American Unschooling Family

Thane's Neck Farm
Unschooling family of five living life on our small farm.

Unschooling Adventures of the Ferns Family
The chronicalls of an unschooling family. Come on in and what an amazing life we live as an unschooling family.

The Wrights: Unschooled
A new to unschooling family

Now devodted to fighting Badman and Balls

Roots and Wings
Growing through LIFE, together, learning naturally; our adventures in unschooling.

Homeschool Road Trip
Homeschooling is a road-trip through life for our family. Each year brings us many joys and several bumps in the road; however, we continue to plug along.

Travelling to Scotland
Adventures in autonomous education and raising a free child.

A blog by for and about people who eschew factory learning. Open season on all things we might bump up against.Unschooling,interest-led, open- source, life learning.

Aprender Sem Escola
A blog in Portuguese, for Portuguese speakers, passing on information and news about home education and unschooling to people in Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Guine Bissau and Cape Verde.


Our Magic Life
I started this, my first blog, as a diary and log of our family's activities, experiments and travels - including my philosophical rants and thoughts on moves towards a radical unschooling life... Fun ...

Bona Fide Mama
Wife to the sexiest pirate in the world. Mother of 3 (2 boys, 1 girl who wishes she was a boy). Follower of Jesus. Founder and Executive Director of Artsy Mamas, a non-profit organization. Headmaster ...

Sweetness and Light
documenting our journey into radical unschooling

Primal Home in the City
An Australian family advocating sustainable living, attachment parenting, homebirth, natural learning, feminism, and social justice. When many people hear the word "primal" it conjures up caveman-esque ...

Embracing Life, Christian Unschooling,and more...
What can I say,I'm just a square peg in a round hole. This blog is dedicated to me,myself,and I and anyone else out there who I hope through my daily writing might find something on here that will encourage ...

Unschooling Ruminations
Cassi is a mom and former educator who has come to the conclusion that unschooling is the best way forward for her son and future children. Though her son Wesley is still "pre-school age," she considers ...

We were unschoolers from the beginning and didn't know it... it took three months of my son being in kindergarten for us to figure that out. Every day, I wake up thankful for the choice to keep my kids ...

Unschooling Lifestyle
An unschooling lifestyle is a life full of wonder. Children, otherwise known as us when we're young, lead lives full of wonder. They approach life with wonder. I wear pajamas to the grocery store, have ...

An Unschooling Family
We have been homeschooling for 12 years. Erica's education started at a Waldorf School which we loved but could no longer afford. We decided to give homeschooling a try. We have tried various approaches ...

Nonlocal Learning : Learning is Everywhere
Hi. We're in the south , near New Orleans and we live without school. Its a journey. We all learn every day. It seems,on some days, I take two steps forward and three steps back! But, on the good days ...

Come along with us as we live, learn, love, laugh, sing, play, build, create, ponder, wonder, and pretend our way through life! We're at home, in upstate New York, much of the time, but have lately ...

'Cause We Love Them
Written by a father with fathers in mind. Like most of you I've come into this way of life through my best friend, my wife. I'm currently in the process of deschooling and still struggle with aspects of ...

We are a self-propelled, home-learning, life-living, and fun-loving family of three (plus the dog) stumbling toward radical unschooling ecstasy. Join us for the fun! We are into Lego, opera, classical ...

Starting from Seeds : Growing our Own
I write about mothering, unschooling, homesteading, canning, gardening, baking, housewifing, poetry, music, things I love, dairying, sewing and knitting.I keep more of a homeschool update blog over at ...

The Fantastic Adventures of Phoenix
We're unschooling in NYC, living, laughing and learning. The Little Man loves scooting around the city - as well as burrowing in at home. Type A perfectionists, we try to follow his lead and keep our ...

winding circle life school
We are a homeschooling (unschooling) family (mum, dad, hibiscus who is 10, Tigerlily who is 7 and Rosemary who is 5)from Down Under who are in our third year of living life without school...We are not ...

Earth Magic
Earth magic chronicles the adventures of an unschooling, permaculture family from London, Ontario. The blog is written by Becky otherwise known as Earthy Mama who is an unschooling mama to two kids (a ...

Life in the little red house
Three kids, one mum, living in Wales, UK four chickens, a cat, a rabbit and a hamster makes for chaos of a type and lots of fun. Our blog about life, learning and lively living! Weve been home educating ...

The Italian Dyes
We are the Italian Dyes! We are an unschooling American family, Mom, Dad and 4 kids living out an awesome adventure in Southern Italy! My husband and I were both home-schooled through high school and our ...