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This is my journal of our family's adventures in life learning. I'm married to Gary and we're parents to three amazing kids -- Will who's 22 and living on his own, Andy, 11 & Dan, 6, who fill our days ...

A Joyful Life
Our journal of living and learning together as a family in JOY!

Do Life Right
Mission Statement of site: "Empowecommunity all people to reach their full potential in life". I do this by encouraging a radical unschooling lifestyle and a vegan lifestyle. I've had the site for almost ...

Well Mannered Frivolity
The adventures of a crafty, unschooling family of 7.

Rural Mama
An unschooling mama working towards accepting life a day at a time with a three year old at my hipů all the while seeking a greener lifestyle and re-connecting with the natural rhythm of my spirit.

And Nico Makes Four
A blog created to communicate with friends, family, and students far away, particularly all of those we left behind in Japan. Used to document our life in a somewhat unfriendly urban context, our struggles ...

Freeschool is maintained by a unschooling mother of two rambunctious boys, ages 9 and 10, in the Chicagoland area (Illinois). I post anything I can find for unschooling resources, including articles, books, ...

Enchanted Forest
Our journey into the unknown. Live, love, learn!

Christian Unschooling
It's not an oxymoron, it's our life! Join us in our family antics, trials, fun and travels! Christian family, unschooling since birth, with all sorts of different needs and abilities.

teaching Hs
a mom's journal of unschooling her 12 year old twins with Asperger's Syndrome.

The Lough Zoo
just the ramblings of an unschooling mama of 2 boys...we've always learned together at home, but this is the first time I've tried to keep the family's activities in a blog

a window into the life of the cirque de doggett

I am an unschooling, working mom who knits to stay sane. I also tend toward the political rant from time to time.

frog creek
The daily chronicles of our unschooling, natural living, sustainable striving, kind parenting, life.

Canterbury Academy News
We are a nature-loving, homeschooling family from the midwestern US.

Free Range Mama
Unschooling in Washington State

Cheeky Monkey Preschool
Our Journey through homeschooling. An eclectic, islamic mix from age TWO!

Elementary Spirits
Day to day life of an unschooling family.

My Little Slice of Heaven
Vignettes of a Life in Transition Unschooling, deprogramming, and learning to live the simple life.

Outside the Cement Jungle
An attmept at following this cool journey of unschooling. When you are unschooling and days can change like the wind this helps to see where you've traveled.

Madness and Mayhem
Unschooling Blog

Doc's Sunrise Rants
The newest version of Doc's Sunrise Rants. The other site will not be deleted. This is not an update, this is an additional blog

The Wonderful Place
A place to share leacommunity, creativity and love by an unschooling Mama, artist and author...

unschooling ECO LDS mama

Eco LDS Unschoolin mama
opinions and life of an LDS unschoolin mama

Two Dancing Pepitas and Us
I journal our life experiences and processes. So much comes up for us as radical unschoolers. A combination of the tools we learned for a healthy partnership and what we are learning from unschooling is ...

The Purloined Letter
Quoth the Raven, "Think some more!"

Welcome to my life. It's a whirlwind of kids, chaos, pets, people, family, art, and being home (most of the time; I like to get out here and there). We unschool, so the unexpected is, well, expected.. ...

real life
unschooling, homeschooling, life, kids

Ok, so I did it. I have created this blog to keep track of life's details and to keep track of my own sanity. Life has become increasingly busier and fuller, so this blog serves a way to journal the fullness ...

Purple Squirrel
The unschooling adventures of our family. Three children unschooling, learning, growing, and free to think! 21 yr. old now in college, 16 yr. old soon to start college and our free spirited 8 yr. old. ...

Unschooling in Austria?
A mix of stories about one family's unschooling, homeschool community building and the legal framework in Austria, Europe.

The Jara Times
Daily life of Minnesota unschooling family. Teens interested in dogs, classical guitar, literature, homesteading...

Rock, Paper, Lizards
Whole life learning and having some fun in Portland OR

Circus Life
Living our dreams together every day.

farmer kaya and family
we're an unschooling family of five. just enjoying each other and our life!

Rambling through
New home educator trying to work out the best for her son!

Free Range Mama
Adventures in Radical Unschooling

learning with laughter
Our unschooling journey

The Learning Doesn't Stop
Unschooling in small town New Zealand. Follow the day to day adventures of one family who love the garden and nature, reading books and loving life.

Our family life... an Unschooling Journey..
Live free, laugh often, love always!! We are an unschooling family of 4 in NH. We live, eat and grow organically. We believe in freedom and individuality. Peace.

The Parenting Pit
a sometimes funny and always insightful look at attempts in unschooling, alternative parenting & mindful living. Includes articles, cartoons and stuff...

hey there fancy pants
I am a mum of 3 boys, the two younger ones are home schooled, a partner to a wonderful man and a keeper of rattys, a hamster and a small veg patch!. I love sewing, making, DIY, reading, painting, drawing, ...

Red House Diaries
The inhabitants of Red House are enamored with the hidden things: house brownies sitting silently in kitchen corners, the soul's secret pinings, fairies in the garden, life inlying a seed, the creative ...

Mama. Undone.
My kids are my gurus, in a very real sense. Every moment with them holds a lesson for me - if I let go long enough to be open to it. I don't have to climb a million stairs to learn at the feet of a wise ...

Biskup Family Blog
Our Biskup Family Blog is where we share our life learning adventure with family and friends.

Our Journey Fantastic
A snapshot of our lives of unschooling, travel, love, and of course family. All things we consider Fantastic!!!

eco unschooling crunchy quiverful mama

Autodidactsanonymous's Xanga
I'm a 30ish Mama from Virginia, living, laughing, learning, and loving with my four daughters and husband (PLUS 4 cats), in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Lost In Transition
A mama, a papa, 2 girls and a 3-legged dog, unschooling in Maine.