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Click Member link to see site in tvThis is How We Shine!
Real, natural learning is in the living.It's in the observing, the questioning, the examining, the pondecommunity, the analyzing, the watching, the reading, the DO-ing, the living, the breathing, the loving, ...

A Journey of Joy
Thoughts on living an authentic life through personal growth and unschooling.

Po Moyemu--"In my opinion"
Po Moyemu simply means "in my opinion," in Russian. And that's what you're going to find here. :) Read at your own risk. I'm a stay-at-home (or really more out-and-about) mom who homeschools her children, ...

sugar boot and weasel
one day at a time, sugar boot and weasel explore their universe with zeal, frenzy, flourish, and fun!

Our Life, Our Adventures
Family journal that deals with natural learning and living.

school's out forever
a place to share our unschooling life experiences and thoughts about family, and life in general.

Stories and articles from this and the other side of motherhood. This side: childbirth and reacommunity, considecommunity (un)schooling, play and crafts, language development, etc. The other side: ecological ...

One Tenacious Baby Mama
this is a place of rampant musing, courageous dreaming, heated creating and inexorable building of personal power.

Shuflin Along
site for my blog, about photography and unschooling a granddaughter

The Sparkling Martins
This is a Family Blog of the Radical Unschooling Family, the Sparkling Martins. They have appeared on the Dr. Phil show intoducing the world to Radical Unschooling! Take a peek into their rockin life ...

Ashuelot River Free School Blog
This is the blog of the Ashuelot River Free School, which is a cross between a homeschool group and a freeschool. I unschool my 10yo stepdaughter and our 14 year old neighbor, and there are often visitors ...

Deschooling Caleb
A blog on unschooling a bipolar child. It is our journey together through deschooling my son and myself after 7 years of public education, and embarking on a radical unschooling journey.

Mackville Road
We're an unschooling family of five orbiting around home on Mackville Road...

a hippie with a minivan...
I am a stay at home mama of three gorgeous boys.They make sure I never have a bocommunity day. We unschool, we believe in living consensually and respectfully and we try to live as Naturally as possible. This ...

The adventures of our unschooling family of 6.

Climbing the Faraway Tree

Learning Through Living
My thoughts and opinions on unschooling and parenting. Shacommunity a bit of our lives.

Midnight Goddess
Just a stay at home mom of 2 beautiful kids trying to juggling home and business life

The Road Less Traveled
A site where I am able to rant about anything I want and a place for me to record our family's journey through life as unschoolers.

unschooling Eli
Our journey, as we start on the road of unschooling. Blog in Hungarian.

suburban savage
where I post my adventures with my children and sometimes my solo ones. We are journeying down the unschooling path in our own way.

Little Star Homeschool
Homeschooling from England. Our everyday ups and downs as we all learn and discover.

Wistful Wanderlust
We're unschoolers on a journey of self-discovery and inner growth. Here I share my "aha" moments, my paradigm shifts, the moments that nudge us down the path toward where we want to go. Toward respect, ...

You Are My Sunshine
Our family's quest to discover ourselves without traditional school. Our daily lives with our friends, unschooling group, and close extended family.

Child's Play
The adventures of an Unschooling Mom and her 3 kids: a Naturalist, a Golfer, and a Toddler.

A Foothill Home Companion
Family of four in the foothills of Northern California attempting to grow and foster a love for learning, creating and living.

Through the Looking Glass
A lifelong unschooler figucommunity it all out from the mama's perspective. I write, knit, sew, cook; I rejoice in my son but also complain about the hard stuff.

Welcome to my blog shacommunity our adventures in Homeschooling. Our 'family school' is all about natural child curiosity and providing a rich learning environment. Feel free to share comments and observations ...

life without school
Thoughts from an unschooling mom attempting to raise her three children with compassion and respect.

Unschooling with the Duck
Fun, exciting ways to use Usborne Books in the unschooling home.

We are unschoolers and love *Just Living Life*. My passions are Family, Nature, Animals, and Art . I call life on our farm *Our Joyful Journey*, an ongoing process with always more to do, see, discover ...

The home education of two boys and the re-education of two parents. Our daily and weekly adventures in unschooling.

Up The Creek
Our life and learning journal.

if only
(hopefully) a blog about unschooling our 3 girls, just letting them be, veg growing and the weird and wonderful things that make up our life

The Falcon's Nest
A family blog, usually posting about our daily doings. Includes info about our unschooling journey, attachment/natural parenting, and natural health as well. Many great links to natural parenting and ...

Unschooling. Sustainability. Natural Living. Organic Gardening. Random Thoughts.

a thousand ten-cent wonders
Musings of a SAHM of four: two sons (unschooled) and two stepsons (schooled). Thoughts on learning and living, and anything else that tickles my fancy. :)

Welcome to my life. It's a whirlwind of kids, chaos, pets, people, family, art, and being home (most of the time; I like to get out here and there). We unschool, so the unexpected is, well, expected.. ...

Our thread through the fabric of life
This is the start of a whole new lifestyle for our family. We've never felt right following the herd. Now we're following our hearts and living life to the fullest.

And Your Point Is...
Mostly just a personal outlet...not totally dedicated to "unschooling", but you'll find that mentioned here and there.

Raising Revolution
Unschooling adventures, thoughts, revelations from a single mom who has been unschooling for 7 years now.

Peek Homeschool
A small window into our homeschooling world.

News of an unschooling family in southern New Mexico. I used to be a member of the community but must have deleted my code.

Normal is SO last week.

Organically Inclined
Organically Inclined is a fun and practical guide for anyone interested in simple living, unschooling, homeschooling, green living, babyweacommunity, breastfeeding and much more!

Freckles filled with love
This is a blog about our family's adventures in unschooling, having fun, and loving life.

Planet Pawlowski
Crazy grownups + zany kidz + furry critters = joyful, sparkly, shiny Unschooling life!

Mom in Madison
Creative mom of two small boys and our journey in natural parenting, creativity and craft, unschooling, organic living, and day to day life.

Moving Mountains
A little record of what we do, when we do what we do. Having fun and learning by living.

My So Called Homeschool
We would fall under the category of not your average run of the mill homeschoolers.....Labels? Who needs them anyway? Pull up a chair get a cup of Joe and sit a spell with our so called homeschool.