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Click Member link to see site in tvLiving Alaska- an unschooing journey
Celebrating the unschooling journey of our Southeast Alaskan family. We live off-grid in a tiny home surrounded by big trees, rocky shores, lots of laughter and LOVE.

Wilson Family Life
This blog is about our journey in unschooling.

A Day in Our Lives
Soon after adopting our three childrem, we removed them from school and began unschooling!

Our family of four is living and learning in San Diego. We are finding trust and joy in unschooling our daughters and ourselves. Share the ride!

We are a Radical Unschooling Family on a magical whirlwind journey in New Mexico.

The Jara Times
Another UNSCHOOLING family hits the blog-sphere! It's simply a blog about our life and the specifics of a family in flux- living and learning together. Our obsessions include the 46 animals we live with ...

Stitchy Witchy
A place to keep family and friends updated on what we're up to on the educational front and to document our journey through the wild unknowns of unschooling our 2 beautiful children

a journal blog about learning at home, attachment parenting, and happy, healthy, wholesome stuff !!! :)

Just Real Life
A blog about growing up at any age, and about discovecommunity the joy of freedom and peace in all aspects of existance using among other things, unschooling.

four little birds
Unschooling four young children and deschooling two old adults. Observations on the nature of learning and freedom.

A personal blog of an unschooling mama of an academically driven 6 year old daughter and a mechanically driven 13 year old son

A Journey of Joy
Thoughts on living an authentic life through personal growth and unschooling.

pile of omelays
The past year we have lived in rural Missouri transplanted from San Francisco. After recovecommunity from culture shock and propping up our dilapidated house we set out to consciously live leaving as little ...

Catholic Unschooler
A blog devoted to unschooling and living an authentic, orthodox sacramental Roman Catholic life; the two of which are not mutually exclusive but actually amazingly compatible.

You're Not Lost, You're Here!
Shacommunity our home school adventures!

Free Range Kids Homeschool

The Eclectic Parent
The wacky world of us: an unschooling blog. Follow us as we experience life, learning and fun.

The Whole Peaceful Pie
peaceful goddess and her thoughts on the world with her passions, friends, an unschooling life, and all that includes.

Learning in the Unzone
Musing about our unschooling life and special help for unschoolers in Iowa.

Blooming Fields
What happens when two free spirits are joined by a little boy and a black cat. An adventure in being a family, moving, unschooling, starting a business and of just being.

:::::::::::: wife mom maniac ::::::::::::
mom of two girls, wife of one man, and an occasional maniac, deciding upon a radical unschooling lifesyle.

learning journey
A record of my daughters learning journey & occasionla rants from me

Our unschooling adventure with soon to be 6 children. We live in beautiful Washington state and love to be outdoors and doing stuff. Lots of fun stuff!

laisse tomber ton cartable
Life without school

Happy and Free
Musings on parenthood and radical unschooling, sometimes derailment to ventings or observing simple personal evolution.... Always explocommunity Truths...

Ordinary Life Magic
This blog is one family's life as unschoolers, and about transforming occasional "special life magic" into everyday "ordinary life magic".

Collecting Leaves
Collecting leaves is a blog by a stay at home mom, ex-pat american living in japan cacommunity for her two small children, herself, her husband, the environment and the various houseplants in her tiny ...

Lerend Zonder School
Lerend Zonder School is Dutch for "Learning Without School". This space is for us to celebrate our children as natural learners & free thinkers. Since Unschooling goes hand in hand with living life, you'll ...

FuhKaui Family
A family of five that lives in a converted school bus traveling the country.

Inky Paws
Inky Paws is the wacky blog of an artistic, dog-loving, book-reading 14-year-old Unschooler. I tend to post about whatever is going on in my life, and I love posting poems and pictures of my art!

Cake For Breakfast
A website all about unschooling, parenting, kids, passions, interests, being Canadian, and much much more!!

Unschooling Blogs Community
This is the home site for the Unschooling Blogs Community.

The Amazing Adventures of Us
Our adventures unschooling, making art, playing, and adjusting to our new life in Oregon.

Band Of Hooligans..of the Unschooled Variety
Join us in our most excellent unschooling adventures! Share in our drama, excitement, mood swings, and comedy as you get a peek into our lives.

Unschooling Snapshots
Photos and journal chronicling the whole-life unschooling journey of the Simpson family

The Joyful Mom
Joyfully raising three free range kids!

Down the Rabbit Hole
A site that explores my research on the theory and practice of unschooling, youth rights, and youth activism. Provides resources on the same topics.

musings of a practicing momma
I am a practicing momma to two unschooled kids. We spend our days finding out what we enjoy.

Free Range Academy
We are adventure-seeking, secular (with soul, baby!), delight-directed, free-thinking, tree-hugging, wisdom-seeking, book-devoucommunity, cookie-baking, no-logo, anti-consumerist, hyphen-using, skill-gathecommunity, ...

Our Unschooling Journey
Our unschooling journey has shown me the importance, beauty and power of TRUST and the need to live with purpose and passion

Being Bumble

The Parenting Pit – unschooling & parenting adventures
Imperfect parents explocommunity natural parenting (home birth, attachment parenting), unschooling (empowecommunity our children through non coercive parenting) and conscious living (personal development, ...

Growing up Without Schooling
This is my family's journey through life. Loving, Learning, and just Living.

Al carajo el colegio
We are pioneer unschoolers in Bogotá, Colombia and our blog speaks about adventures and fears in unschooling Rosario 5 and Rodrigo 2.


Seeing With New Eyes
Autonomous educating in the UK.

Starchild Searching
A blog of life in the UK of me and my 4 wild free kids :o)

Islamic Homeschool Diary
Convert to Islam home educating her two kids in the UK.

Striving For Simple
One family's attempt to meet their own needs, from the inside.

We're on the road, taking lessons as they come.