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Life learning adventures of a family using the unschooling approach

Balancing all the variables of my life: My partner, child, sister, friends, writing, sustainable home building, unschooling, clients, bad drivers, music, and inevitable cross state moves. Just trying to ...

A scrapbook of Home ed info and ideas. Natural Learning Home Ed family of 5 in WA, Australia.

Today's Lessons
An eclectic mix is what works for us! You'll read about our adventures on Today's Lessons, where we've found that the beauty of homeschooling is the ability to **BLING** instantly customize our learning ...

free range kids
Our adventures as a free range family...

Homeschooling in New York City
What's it like to homeschool in New York City? The art! The theater! The culture! The toughest homeschool rules in the country! Come join us on our fun and interesting adventure!

Warts and all
An unschooling blog. A blog about life and living with two children, one husband, a cat, a dog, a bunch of tadpoles and sticklebacks and nemotodes and any other pond life that we picked up at the beginning ...

Unschooling for our yougest child and homeschooling for the elder...

Home is where the Cardio-pulmonary Organ is.
Blogging some of the things we do as we learn the natural way.

Live Free Learn Free
Welcome to the Live Free Learn Free editor's blog - Shana's musings on Kenzie, the magazine, and life in general. Come read about our days and tell us about yours!

Adventures in being me; Attachment Parenting-Gentle Disciplining-Natural Living Super Goddess Midwife Mother to my Radically Unschooled Daughter. Actually, its mostly about my radically unschooled daughter ...

Circle the World In Big
This is the story of the adventures, disasters and triumphs of our unschooling life. It is always a work in progress, we welcome your visit!

(mis)Adventures in...
motherhood, life, womanhood, and knitting

Green Fields and Open Horizons
This blog is for tracking our unschool experiences, shacommunity resources and to heighten awareness of the homeschooling situation in Germany (where we are homeschooling illegaly).

Doc's Sunrise Rants
The day to day life of a single homeschooling mom of teen triplets, her opinions on life, and her unique outlook as a cancer survivor and lesbian

Documenting an Unschooled Life
We are a family of five, living and unschooling in NH.

Robin's Blue Skies
Thoughts on being a semi-crazy unschooling mom of two, triathlete, writer, musician, and on unschooling and educational discourse in general.

zenmomma's garden
Zenmomma's Garden is a place for ideas to grow.

Learning Life Through Unschooling
Our journey with unschooling young children.

Life Without School
Life Without School is an on-line publication and blogging community. We live our lives with school.

A Happy Childhood Lasts Forever

My Total Perspective Vortex
I tiny window into the life we live, unchooling in Iowa, and documenting the joy of learning, gardening, and childhood adventures....

Woman of the Tiger Moon
A single mother’s ruminations on motherhood, unschooling, depression, writing, reading, feminism and gender constructs, building a better world, and finding serenity and grace in the daily blessings of ...

our joyful life
I've created this blog to share our life, our joyful life. Really, since becoming an unschooling family, about 5 years ago, I've seen such amazing, cool things unfold. Unschooling is a type of homeschooling ...

We're the only openly unschooling family in Eastern South Dakota; though we try not to hang out 'round here too much! We once had 4 loving people in our family and now we're down to 2... We're learning ...

three plus two
One mom's journey of self discovery. All while unschooling 3 great kids and keeping the house from falling apart.

Our learning journey, on and off the farm.

Avec Mes zčbres
A (most of the time) shiny happy mom of three blogs in French about the learning adventures of her "Zebra Family" :)

“Learning can only happen when a child is interested. If he’s not interested it’s like throwing marshmallows at his head and calling it eating.” - Anonymous A place where I can post my musings, talk ...

Karen Edmisten
a homeschooling, writing mom who learns every day with her kids

Notre vie en famille
Our (french) family life, with mom, dad, and their two kids, born october 1999 and march 2006, in southern France...

Kinder aus Freilernhaltung
Blogging about our living and learning, mainly unschooling within our multilingual and multicultural extended family.

Organic Learning
Adventures in unschooling and other aspects of crunchy Catholic life.

The ongoing adventures of three young homeschoolers in the wilds of the Wissahickon.

aspie home education
A record of what we are up to - I'm almost 40, my son almost 13 and we are enjoying learning together.

Living, Learning, and Evolving.
Thoughts on unschooling my boys, life as a semi-single working parent, and other stuff.

Marie Hosdil
A personal blog of an unschooling mom, spiritual reflections on why I choose unschooling, and lots of this and that.

Barrel of Monkeys
Musings on life within a fairly large unschooling military family.

Four of Two
Unschooling mama to three girls.

Untamed Mare
A blog about unschooling, healing, birthing, breastfeeding, mothecommunity.

Free Range Learning
A family of four (plus a dog and two cats) living and learning together on Canada's west coast.

Heather's Moving Castle
Welcome to Heather's Moving Castle. We are not looking for acceptance or to win anyone over to our way of thinking. We just want to share our joy with friends and family. Two definitions of moving which ...

Live Love Laugh Learn
Come join us as we live joyfully, experience the world around us and try new things.

Adventures in Living & Learning
My blog began as a way to keep all our long-distance friends and family up-to-date on our family and homelearning adventures. It has become a way for me to learn more about living and learning with others ...

living now
I started this blog to share RU with friends and family. Feel free to read it too!

Unschool Days
I\'m a former high school Biology teacher now unschooling with my young daughter. We are about to move to France for six months. My blog is a place for thoughts and reflections on unschooling and life ...

Homeschool Image
Thoughts and ideas for anyone who enjoys learning with their kids. Written by the homeschooling and unschooling mother of three.

Learning Barefoot
Captucommunity the essence of our family's adventures through the perilous jungles of the modern society we live in!

Stuff about the Duff's
Story of our young family as we explore life.

The New Unschooler
I could title this blog \\\"The New & Confused Unschooler\\\" but I\\\'m hoping time will diminish my confusion. Here\\\'s the scoop: after three days of \\\"teaching\\\" my sixth grade son at home, I ...