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Community where all UA Reps from across the USA and the World can interconnect their communitys to show their support of Autism Awareness!!!! (Open only to current UA Reps PLEASE!!!)

Autism: One Moms Story
My sons story of living and learning with his diagnosis of Autism.

The information and support place for developmental disabilities
A place to provide information for professionals and parents to find links on various developmental disabilities and continuing education. I hope to also provide a place to chat and exchange information ...

A New View of Autism
Autism is the serious underdevelopment of deep feelings which make war on anyone nearby. After deep-feeling contact, these same deep feelings undergo growth and become a friend.

My Little Rainman - A Young Savant
This website is about my son Michael in an effort to illustrate to others that autism is not such a nasty word after all. Some beautiful things can come of it. I do not want Autism to be 'cured' but understood. ...

AS Support Group Online
A support group for people with Aspergers Syndrome. Also useful for people who deal with AS in any way. Informations, links, articles and link to the msn group AS Forever Friends and Co. http://groups ...

Whitterer on Autism
A wry look at family life where one third of the members are autistic. A foreigner's perspective of the American way of life.