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Websites that show Spirit Of the United States Of America

Auntie Bren's Country Home
A Country Home supporting our troops till they all come home safely. Family, Fun, Friends, Pets, Animal Abuse Awareness, Country Cooking, and Adoptions for you too!

Kristi's Communitys
My website is full of information.

Spruce Pine Volunteer Fire Department
A volunteer fire department in the Blue Ridge Mtns. of North Carolina. Site contains information about the department.

Book of Shadows
A huge Book of Shadows with tons og info on Wicca and Witchcraft.

Shys Page
I have several pages about our Lord and also sites with music and poems I have written.I have a few pages about the 9-11 day and how proud I am to be an American.

God Bless America
My dedication page for my two sons who are serving our country in the Armed Forces, and also a memorial for 9-11. God Bless America is being sung also.

spawnlady69's unicorns
A site for all my favorite unicorn stuff

Gateway to my 'ONLINE' Class Reunion
What started out as a gathecommunity place for former classmates has turned into so much more ...

Catlinn Storm's Home Page
My site is about my life as a mom of 3 boys and being a pagan it contains recipes I have used and recomend and poetry I my self and my older sister have writen.I has a book of shadows for people to view ...

Opossum Sally's Goldenmean
This site contains articles and links on a wide variety of subjects including gardening, crafts, pets, poetry, jokes, quips & quotes, health, cooking, and much more. Come sign my Free For All Links!

God Bless America
A site to honour our fighting men and the United States Of America.

A Official Cat Web Page of Rawhawk & the Hooligans
Short stories and pictures of my 9 cats and their friend Rocky the wild raccoon. We are KIDS SAFE and MMM (Much-Much-More) You can win a Hooligan Award. Come on take your shoes off and sit a spell. The ...

The Chicapotamus Graphics Page
Just a small site with some stuff that may help your web site look neet.

Heros Of Airliner 93
The Men and Woman On Flight 93 are without a Shadow of a drought True Hero's The gave there lives to save millions and this country (USA) should never forgotten what the people on Flight 93 did I Thank ...

rct america
a place to d/l my saved games, 'coasters, etc.

This is a personal/visitor site by a girl from California

Dem's Dynasty
Although early in evolution, my site expresses my love of my family & friends, holidays & my country. Also my desire to help others with helpful virus & haox information & more!

Reflections~sweet dreams are made of these
Dedicated to my mom, daughter & my true love; anecdotes, poetry, recipes, links, tips, inspirations, memberships, awards, win my awards, my own Skyline Designs Gallery, WTC Memorial, Regina~Spirit Of The ...

My American Heroes
A dedication to my adopted POW/MIAs and tribute to all our Veterans, War Dogs and those who serve our great nation; Links, Letters, Poetry, American Flag Editorial, Communitys, USS Cole & WTC Memorials, ...

Tribute to Sept. 11, 2001 Tragedy
Dedication to the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001. Poems, stories, and a "Memory Quilt" linking 911 Tributes linking hands across America & the world! Also links to my adopted POW/MIA's.

JadedSilverMists World
Step into the world of a 19 yr. old survivor. My site includes my story, info. on did/mpd, as well as many other things, including some fun stuff, like my cartoon doll adoptions. Come on in!

MysticViews-Thoughts In Verse
Thoughts In Verse..Books One&Two..A collection of poetry inspired by the Angelic/fantasy realms, written and presented by Barbara Jeffries-Taylor..Poems that has helped those that search for understanding, ...

The Poets Tower
Poetry and prayers of faye and friends...True feelings voiced

Writings of Boondockers` Poetic Justice Members
poetry and remembrances of wartimes by Vietnam veterans and friends worldwide.....Group members writings

Roxane's Dreamland
Personal family friendly site with sept 11 tribute, childrens causes, family pages, poetry pages, music links, banner links, games and a lot more.