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A community for the adoption sites of unique cyberpets. Cyberpets must be of your own work and be found only at your site.

Swippy's Archaeopteryx Adoption Center
A place where you can adopt dinosaur looking creatures I have called archaeopteryx, named after the first known bird,

The Wind of Dreams
Here at the Wind of Dreams, you can adopt 4 growing,original creatures. You can adopt the dependable Luki,the trustworthy Icemice,the vicious Firemouse, or the fun-loving Bartoo. Also, when 5 of each species ...

Fysgon Adoption Agency
Adopt a Fysgon! A Fysgon could easly be described as a cross between a gryphon and pegasi (with its more horse like head and neck) but in fact, the huge creatures are their own distinct species, native ...

It's a norwegian site where you can adopt the creatures called "Sonomene"

Tailimin Adoptions
After a vicious attack from a neighbocommunity moon, the main species on Tai has been reduced to only five creatures. From these five will come the rest of the new generations, and without our help the ...

~Tiniest Jewels of Nature~
Cute, little hummingbirds, offered in flight, others still, decorative eggs and plates, beautiful sun catchers.

Original & adoptable moon graphics made by alluvus. opened 10/00

The Association of Gradiiers
The Gradiier-a goat/fish that resembles the capricorn symbol. The four stages will be sent to you. This is a very pleasent, simple site with cute, simple drawings.

Wyvern Weyrs
Adopt a wyvern, legless, serpentine relatives of dragons! Loyal creatures that will be your friends for life.

The Land of SealCats
Here u can adopt a SealCats. SealCats are a mix between Cat/Seal/Whale.{;}

Saliun Islands
Explore the five islands and adopt three unique creatures!

Dragons, Fire Lizards, Wolves, Ziecronians, and the Ziemurians dwell on this mysterious planet. Princess Zytona and her pals will help you around this planet. Have fun explocommunity.

Misty Cyber Adoptions
Its alwasy summer here! This website exibits the creatures I have found in my many journeys through the glaxy of Myst! I founded this glaxy many years ago but htne one day it got out of hand! Now I am ...

Welcome to...Elysium
This site, Eysium, a part of the classical underworld, is home to the magical breed of dragon, draco somnium, or Drema Dragon. They grow in stages and every dragon needs a special home. Come at the right ...

The Abandoned Warehouse
There are three types of cats you can adopt: the Shedlty, the Betre, and the Ryl. Depending on their web content, you can get different colors.

Wyvrn Castle
You can adopt a dragon, wyvrn, or messenger lizard (flits). More to come!

Winter Valley Adoptions
where you can adopt a starshix or starline. Need to treat these creatures like if it was you! No stealing or coping! BIG NO NO! I try to change my page to be the best of my abilitys if I see some one doesn't ...

Lady Love's Fish Bowl
Come visit Lady Love's Fish Bowl. You'll find Adoptions, including WeeBots, Greeting Card Gallery, Poetry, colorful graphics, Friends' Links, Music, and always more.

Forbidden Forest
A site that adopts out elemental creatures called Ambrosen. They all appear canine with long, bunny-like ears.

Mountian of the Winds
A Mountian where you can adopt a wolf like creature known as the Xuranan

Alider are dog-like creatures with a range of different \"real\" colors. There is a litter currently available, and it even has a rare solid!

Equus Sanctimonia
A small site, hoping to grow as more of the equine-like creatures known as \'Floofs\' are adopted

The Fantasy art of Terra Bidlespacher.
The official art site of Terra Bidlespacher. You can adopt Jackalopes and Pet rocks and other creatures frequent in Terra's art.