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My community is for family-friendly, fun, quality sites that can hold someone's interest for hours at a time, keeping them up all night. No specific topic is required, but your site must contain a lot of interesting content. No porn, hate or business' please.

larvalbug's home page
Our site has a monthly family and investment newsletter, stories, an archive of past articles, dog and animal photo galleries, interactive dog photos featucommunity Frisky Pepper Tornado Rex, illustrated ...

It's my home on the web and there are a lot of things I love: poetry, quotes, lyrics, pen pals, recipes, midi and more

Infos and pics to Stars and Starlets

Grandma's communitys
Starting from this community page, you can visit Grandma's Farm, Grandma's POW/MIA/KIA memorial, Grandpa's Albumpages, or Uncle Robin's Greatest Game just by clicking the links on the Communitys-R.Us index ...

Blue Moon News
Blue Moon News is the official webpage for the Blue Moon News free newsletter. Full of anomalous images, strange links, and examples of the newsletter.

Jani's World
Dolls & other collectibles, interesting Internet discoveries, and values of the heart. Fun Stuff, Too!

My Home Page
Tells who I am and how I got that way, plus other stuff

Luminis Website
A virtual trip through cultures, countries, history, music, science fiction and thinking. Suggested links, photographs, personal poetry and some routes about various topics: the Celts, Blade Runner, Portugal, ...

The Devins Family Homepage
A fun family site all about us, our pets and cool people, places and things! Come on over and visit with us!

Sweet Dreams
A little something for *almosy* everyone.

Andrea's Realm
Among my many interests are two great loves. I adore old rock n' roll and I like to write short stories. I'm a lousy singer and an unrecognized literary genius. I'm learning to deal with those issues. ...

Valkyrie's Doctor Who Tattoo and Vegetarian Recipes
Grown way beyond its original title components to include Oberstein (my hometown in Germany), the cat's own site, a growing collection of legends, sagas and fairy tales, pages on being a scorpio, my spiritual ...

Thinking of Yesterday
My site Of Family Genealogy,

Big Country Peacock Chronicle
Dedicated to the preservation of community values and folk cultures, this interactive e-zine focuses on traditional arts and crafts, artists, writers, information, resource links and mutual support. I ...

Varian's Dreamcatcher
Personal homepage with many sub-areas; Angeldreams all related to angels; digital artwork including galleries, backgrounds, stationery, Blade Pro presets, PSP tubes and 3D models; Dreamfonts TrueType fonts ...

Hope's World
My site has a little bit of everything and is sure to keep you up all night. Content is great, layout fine. Plus I'm a freak and isn't it fun to try and figure out what's wrong with people such as m ...

The Muppets Place
This web site is about Jim Henson and the Muppets.

Shamrock Isle
My love for the Irish & Celtic, Fae, Treasure Hunts, plus my Crazy Quilt Charm Club... constantly growing!

Haven of Dark Blood
The haven of the night has opened its doors to the dark hearted who live within the moon glow. Creatures of the night lurk in the mind's shadows while slayers race out with weapons drawn. Behold, here ...

KryssTal : The Origin of London Place Names
London, England: a list of place names from the city, their meaning and the date first used.

Mary's Enchanted Garden
Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With angels' wings and fairy things and lots to see and do!

Darkstar in the Mist
Seek Darkstar to discover original Poetry, Art, information on Wicca, Witchcraft, & Paganism, Interactive Community Boards, Pictures, Awards, Music, Makani the Blue Fronted Amazon, & Body Art Pages featucommunity ...

Cola Republic
A realm of possibilities{;}

Realm of Myth and Fantasy
Whether you wish to gallop through fields on a unicorn's back, soar through the sky on dragon wing or seek what was once thought lost, enter this realm of dreams and wonders. A place where imagination ...

We Are Brave, Your Highness
A tribute to the forgotten heroines of Star wars, Episode I, the Royal handmaidens! Pictures, sounds, bios, constantly updated!