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Click Member link to see site in tvA Tribute to KOTOR
Knights of the Old Republic fan fiction.

Golden Age SF: Tales of a Bygone Future
Promotional site for the new anthology to be published in 2006. Edited by Eric Reynolds. Foreword by Arthur C. Clarke. Stories by Stephen Baxter, Terry Bisson, James E. Gunn, Rudy Rucker, Paul E. Martens, ...

The Sci-Fi Freak Site
The Sci-Fi World According to Darren (not Garp)

Shockwave Muse
A Science Fiction story telling site with such time-honored themes as space travel, ancient forerunners, technological singularities, creations run amok and heros, heroines and villains.

Ghrim's Place
The Official Website of Award-winning Author and Poet T.P. Norling... the self-described Realm of Antediluvian Imaginings.

Flash Gordon...Savior of the Universe!
A brief celebration of one of the campiest, most wildly entertaining SciFi/Fantasy films, ever, with photos and commentary! Flash Gordon ROCKS!

Anita Lee Creations Topsite
Links to wonderful fantasy, fae and sci-fi sites.

Wetsilver: A novel blog by Jayme Lynn Blaschke
Wetsilver is the official blog of the eponymous, in-progress fantasy novel by Jayme Lynn Blaschke. Watch the page-by-page, chapter-by-chapter creation of an epic fantasy adventure. And comment on it, ...

The home of the NIGHTCROSSINGS Gallery, and Official Site of Vampyre P.I. and Tara LaFontaine. Dark Fantasy Forum, articles, reviews, picture gallery, and more. Open for membership and participation to ...

Daimon Bok\'s Joint
Daimon Bok\'s Joint is a site, run by a Ferengi Daimon (Ships Captain for all you humans) that has a fun forum area with chat areas for - Star Trek TOS, TNG, DSP, Voyager and Enterprise, STargate SG1 and ...

Shannon Leigh\'s Home Page
Home page for paranormal fiction author Shannon Leigh. Here you\'ll find links to her published books, as well as what\'s in progress. Paranormal, contemporary, science-fiction, fantasy, gothic, whatever ...

Pulp Science Fiction
Pulp Science Fiction is a website dedicated to the movies, books and magazines from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s – what we remember as the “Golden Age of Science Fiction,” and to an imaginative novel that ...

Fantastical, Magickal, Bewitching Art! It is said there is a little witch in all of us.....how little is your witch?

The Divinity Saga
Thousands of years in the future, Humans have survived interstellar wars, genocide, and their own shortcomings to rise to dominance as the most advanced form of life in the galaxy. They are proud. They ...

Rock Angel Gallery
We specialize in fine art in the genres of fantasy and science fiction (Fairies, Dragons, Unicorns, Aliens, Elves and more), nature (including botanicals, herbs, and animals), Gothic and dark art inspired ...

Voyagers! Guidebook-The Ultimate Picture Fansite!
Voyagers!-The Ultimate Picture Fansite, is dedicated to the short-lived show of from 1982. Handsome Jon-Erik Hexum played seemingly clueless Voyager Phineas Bogg. Bogg was a pirate plucked out of history ...

Masquerade Top Magickal Sites
a pretty toplist for fantasy, magickal, esoteric sites

The Dragon Stone
This site has a large collection of draconic lore including mythology from around the world, fantasy literature information, alchemy, sea serpent sightings and heraldry. Fun items include a dragon name ...

The Kytos Project
The Kytos Project: The Rathing Chronicles The Kytos Project is an adventure story for readers from 10+ to 110 years of age. The action takes place in 2070 when Britain and its human population are ...

Keeping It kane
This is a site devoted to the actor/stuntman Kane Hodder best known as Jason in the Friday the 13th films.

N. D. Hansen-Hill: fantasy, SF, paranormal, horror
Fantasy, SF, & horror novel excerpts. Paranormal suspense? Yes! Ghosts, mutants, psi mayhem, spies, fairies, elves...

Christopher Wittkugle's Homepage
Central location or information about self-published author Christopher Wittkugle's projects and releases. His debut novel "Hegemony" is available in both print and electronic formats.

A Change in the Weather
A dark brotherhood that was once thought long dead has resurfaced. After tirelessly searching for elements to a spell that could end a terrible curse they have endured for centuries, they find their ...

A Northern Heart
War dawns in Teloria. This is the story of Allen Delais. He was a young artist and musician. Humor and his good right arm are all he has left when falls asleep one night and wakes to find himself ...

Morakduum (The Reforging)
The first finished novel in the "Gorain the Slayer" series.

stargate downloads
stargate sg1 atlantis downloads ark of truthstargate 1994

Phoenix Rising - Science-Fiction & Fantasy Fan, Collectors & Costumers
This site was set up to allow science-fiction & fantasy enthusiasts, fans, collectors, airsofters and costumers to enjoy their hobbies with like-minded individuals. Discussion forums, arcades (over ...

Deep Space Thirteen
Science fiction appreciation forum with some adult content.

Leigh Wood. Author
Blog home of science fiction and fantasy author Leigh Wood. Excerpts, photos, fun, and more!

Save Tara - The Dramatic War
The Dramatic War is a the soul searching soundtrack series that reflect upon courage, sadness, and tragedy. The music emphasizes on the struggle between love and war.

Shadow's Song
Authors site featucommunity original Science Fiction and Fantasy as well as some fanfic.

The Squeegee Chronicles
The Squeegee Chronicles is a tale of Pirates, Yams, Stovepipes, War, Wombats, Giants Noodles and Hostile Rogue Piping Systems. For any lover of bizarre comedy, and probably one of the wackiest things ...

This is my published book & short story site at Lulu.com. Books & short stories are avalable for review, preview, download and in softcover.

The Heart of the Tengeri
Queen Amanizar inherits a crumbling empire communityed with encroaching enemies led by Prince Vadizar, her deposed older brother and his ally the handsome Jakaeli, Prince Tenzen to whom she loses her ...

Outpost 13
Original SciFi works of Lee Crystal. 3D Art, 3D animations, Short Stories, Novels, Original Music, Original Scifi, Apparel and prints for sale, Prize Drawings, and FREE wallpapers and bootskins!

Zonetrooper - Home Of Zonetrooper Magazine.
The only home on the web of Cronac - the Temporal Enforcer, Zonetrooper Magazine, Strike Zone the RPG, and the Zonecast podcast. Come on by and check it out.

The Stellar
THE STELLAR is a contemporary sci-fi novel about two young women given an extraordinary ability. They can merge to become a single being of enormous power.

Battlestar Aries-BSR 28
1st Battlestar launch in South, Texas now part of the Colonial Defense Forces 7th Fleet. This site is dedicated to Battlestar Galactica. It contains photos of events where people with scifi mind alike ...

Hard Sci-fi
The site describes the first two novels in a science fiction trilogy. The Darwinian Extension is a story of humanity's urgent need to colonise Mars due to neglect of adverse worldly trends. Overpopulation ...