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Click Member link to see site in tvLittle Seraph
Read "The Travelers". Go along with Azrael as he travels through time tracking down his brother Akathriel, who's on a murderous rampage. Unfinished story but who knows, could be finished one day!

The Velikovski Project
I'm writing a sci fi story about a trip to Noctus Labyrinthus, and a crew stranded on Mars. You'll have to learn to speak gothic on the way! Smearna! (oops sorry!)

I, Holodoc
A collection of Artwork, Essays, Fiction, and Role Play stories which delve into the psyche and soul of the EMH Mark I.

Tynasian Dreams
Online resource for the sci-fi, fantasy and horror writer Robert J Clark

Web Site of Fantasy Author Robert Halmo
Official web site of fantasy author Robert Halmo. Includes author info, fantasy fiction excerpt and ordecommunity information.

Ken's Super Sci Fi Page
Photos News post boards and more for all your favorite Sci Fi. Two sister sites. Featucommunity more pics and post boards. Home of The Heroes In Sci Fi Community.

The Steed Zone
Homepage of Kelly Steed, the award-winning co-author of the hard sci-fi novel Stasis.

Starfleet Supply
Starfleet Supply :a member of the Star Trek Fan Club (Starfleet Command), This award-winning site has free web based e-mail address, send Star Trek e-mail postcards, find all the best links, chat, ICQ ...

Castle of Medieval Myth and Magic (Tudor Mint)
US source of Myth and Magic, Spellbound pewter and crystal medieval collectible studies from Tudor Mint. Miniatures of castles, dragons, witches, wizards. 20-30% discount Collectors club

Doctor Who UK
Doctor Who episode & video guides. The Doctors presented in RealVideo. The 30th{;}Anniversary Episode, Dimensions in Time. Doctor Who humor.

Xerxes Starfire's Home Page
sci-fi, fantasy, horror book reviews, author interviews, movie, monster movie, anime book reviews, fanfiction, and more

Nathan Carter's Vault
Where an amateur writer displays his work, and works in progress. Give your critque's and comments, leave a message in the open forum, or e-mail me directly.

FireHeart Weyr
FireHeart Weyr is a PBeM dedicated to the world of Anne McCaffrey. Here you can impress and ride a dragon.{;}Females may impress a Gold,Brown,Blue or Green dragon{;}Males may impress a Bronze,Brown,Blue ...

Sci-Fi Romance from Author Michelle O'Leary
Featucommunity ebook, author, and order information for "The Huntress," a Sci-Fi Romance author Michelle O'Leary.

Provides Episode Reviews, Quotes and Bloopers for Doctor Who, Earth: Final Conflict, Sliders and Stargate SG-1

Sheshat's Online Library
Fanfiction for multiple shows, including BeastMaster, Buffy/Angel, Crusade, due South, Farscape, Highlander, The Crow, Poltergeist the Legacy, and Stargate SG1. Submissions welcome!

The Chronicles Inc Productions
A site containing fanfiction for a variety of Sci-Fi/Fantasy related TV {;}Shows, Movies, Books, and Anime, as well as Original Fiction, including play-by-email role playing games.

Dealing In Futures
A ever expanding archive of science fiction information: novels, movies, tv, comics and anime with pages dedicated to Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers, Gen 13, Robotech.

Beasts & Beauties
Fantasy artwork featucommunity mythical beasts & beautiful women.

ShiKahr: The Emerald City
ShiKahr is a Vulcan roleplaying game, set in Star Trek universe, as well as a collection of Vulcan resources for everyone who wants to know more about that sci-fi alien society.

Future Bound Beauty
Futuristic artwork featucommunity beautiful women.

Outpost Vevetta
Enter the world of Bay Area Sci Fi/Horror artist and writer William Pattison. Site features: artwork, novel preview, video review, award page, chat, and hyperlink resource.

Bill's Unofficial Puppet Master Website
This site is dedicated to FULL MOON PICTURES' PUPPET MASTER film series. Site features: pictures, info, Legend of Toulon section, chat,and RETRO PUPPET MASTER section...

Friday:The Thirteenth:Jason's Bloodbath
This site is dedicated to the FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH films and television series. Site features: pictures, body counts, film synopsis, chat, messageboard,and a section on the little known FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH ...

Princess Licorice's Homepage
The only Star Wars parody on the web! Plus some Final Fantasy stuff, and fanfiction from other anime.

Dragon's Weyr
Dragon's Weyr is the latest incarnation of my site. Here you will find Pern, links to the Weyrs I am involved in, and resources for Pern lovers who want to roleplay in Anne McCaffrey's world of Pern.

A Dragon's Tale
Come Visit The Final Frontier

Legend's Sci-Fi / Fantasy
My site is dedicated to my favorite things Sci-Fi and Fantasy! I have Original stories in Sci-Fi, Fantasy and area's dedicated to shows that deal in sci-fi or fantasy like Andromeda or Dark Angel.

Holy Shrine
It's a website for the fans of The Wheel of Time written by Robert Jordan.

Silvinisy's Lair
A site for lovers of fantasy, including a growing library of mystical creatures, and many more odds and ends.

Quantum Muse
Posting the finest in sci-fi, fantasy and alternative writing and artwork. For free. In our sober moments...

Crooty's Fantasy Book Database
Fantasy books listed by author and series. 7000 titles and 1600 authors. Links to the authors' homepages. Online Shopping with Amazon.

Tirpetz' Tales
Some original, short stories of a speculative bent. Favourite authors and cover artists. Links to same.

Welcome to Planet LEVERVISION - Forbidden Planet Wav Sounds
clickable robby the robot plays wav sounds from movie forbidden planet - starcommunity leslie nielsen, walter pidgeon, anne francis - two pages of photos and sounds

Marzipan LEVERVISION - Mars Attacks Trading Cards
just for fun - not for sale or trade - mars attacks trading card collection with silly sounds attached to each image

Sir Wally's Sci Fi Book Nook
Sci-Fi book reviews from a feline POV. Members of Cats In Space submit book reviews each month on their favorites, some new and some older. Some fantasy also.

Grave of Mondezuma
A 3d fantasy art site

J & J's Place
Opinions on movies, TV, books, music, humor and more!

ShadoeRose's Fantasy & Visionary Art Gallery
Rotating Fantasy and Visionary Art Gallery. Featured artits include but are not limited to Larry Elmore, Luis Royo, Stephanie Law, Jeffrey Bedrick and more

The Crystal Ball Sci-Fi News
Home to the latest news in the many worlds of Science Fiction, from Star Trek to anime to The Matrix to Freakylinks.

The Science Fiction Mailing List
The Science-Fiction mailing list is a fun and active e-mail discussion list where sci-fi films, tv series, books, comics, events, etc, are discussed. The homepage also has a HUGE range of SF t-shirts. ...

Ace in CyberSpace
The home of Commander Patricia "Acey" McKensey of the USS Rosalind, keeper of the Riker Ate My Balls!! website, stories and more to come.

Nikodemus' Tower
Fantasy and Sci-Fi art and fiction. Poetry and lyrics. Roleplaying game support. Home of the world of Turimar.{;}User submissions for all things.(including the world of turimar are welcome)

The Fantasy Land of Onrey
My little piece of fantasy in the big world. With lots of incredible pictures, info about the fantasy creatures, some stories and much more

Infinitee Designs by Ralph Manis 3D Graphics Web Design Pros
3D graphics, 2D illustrations, Web Design, sci-fi, fantasy, rock, T-shirts, futuristic, and psychedelic art, Bryce4, Photoshop 5.5 by Ralph Hawke Manis

Star Wars Imperials/ Stormtrooper.org
Star Wars Imperials RPG and more.... Come see what the Imperials are up to now.

Star Wars Jedi
Star Wars Jedi VS Sith RPG....{;}Are you a Jedi Knight or a Sith Apprentice? We shall see....

Ariann's Babylon 5 and Filk Page
A site devoted to the enjoyment of Science Fiction and Fantasy books, Babylon 5 CCG, and filk that will make your heart sing! Anecdotes and recipes that feed the mind and body are added at random.

Black River Weyr
Black River Weyr is an online Pernese Weyr set in the twelfth Pass. A plague has decimated Pern, leaving only Black River unscathed. It is up to Weyrleader T'sian and his young Weyrwoman, Eyris, to lead ...

Shanes's Babylon 5 WebSite
This sit has information on ships, races and history, also comes with a link page and a good look.