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The *Twinkling Twilight Fairies Circle* is a community dedicated to those who love Fairies and believe in Fantasy. It is open for all sites containing information about mythical creatures such as Angels, Elves, Fairies or Mermaids. If you are a Spirit Fairy, a Wee One or a true Fairy Lover, please join!

Sande Two Eagles
My website is for the true believers in life, those who choose to be part of a family of beings whose minds are open to receive, experience and understand all levels of existence.

Original Artist Dolls by Angela Tabone
Handmade one-of-a-kind artist dolls, walking sticks, masks, etc. by Angela Tabone.

Angies World of Fairies
A site of fairies and angels and other cool stuff that I have collected over the years.

Fairies Faeries Fairys at LaLa's Land
Visit with the enchanting faeries at LaLa's Land and you will see beautiful artwork by amazing artists, poems and stories, faery descriptions and trivia and much more.

*Celtic Stars*
Just my little site!

Fairy in the Moonlight
All about my job as a Spirit Fairy for the Star Guardians of Elentaria. Lots of things to see.

fine art reproductions printed on note cards by the artist linda biggs

Kae's Place
I BELIEVE! I have dedicated my site to being safe for families to view and safe for my weeones

Alaiinna's House of Faeries
Alaiinna is a Pagan Witch who displays 2 main areas of her webpages. You choose to either visit her Witchcraft rooms or her Faerie rooms..Or both. Be enchanted by mystical music, beautiful images, poetry, ...

Primrose Glen

Like Whispers in the Wind
Everything about fairies that I can think of - adopt one, get an award, pick up some clipart, read about them..

Lil Jac Angel
Site dedicated to angels, fairies, mythical creatures and the people who believe in and love them.

The Witch, The Moon & The Tides
my site is designed to be an artistic collection of pagan, wiccan & fairie information.

Little Spirits - Magical Beings
This is not just a site with information about fairies, but also a home for my handmade sculptures. Just come in and have a look around. Who knows, you might even find a spirit you would like to take ...

Please visit my site!! This page is my Main Index which links all 3 of my websites up together. I have one "Karenality Graphics" that is strictly for my business. If you need a resume, printed material, ...

Susan, Queen of Swords
Description: My realm is full of magical places and things to do. You can find the lost swords or a dragon's treasure! Also find the artifacts in the West Wing Maze, or be lost to all. On a more serious ...

Xylara's Starry Nights and Sunny Days
The adventures of a tiny fairy named Xylara and her pet dragon named Zorf.

Light & Uallas- .Moonbeams.N.Faery.Wings.
Fae myth poetry music mystery! All deticated and worthy of the fae!

Fairy Sweet Songs Realm
Visit my realm where the fae fly free and the unicorn romp & play. If ye be tired, sit on a shroom and read a fairy tale or visit my fantasy artists. When you leave, you too will say, "I Believe!"

The Haunted Mount
A fantasy-themed personal web site under rigorous construction. Site is edited and expanded daily; many fun things to come. (I love fairies!)

Fairy Highland
Escape to Fairy Highland a dimension in fantasy. See over 600 dragons, Genealogy, Fantasy, Fairies, Star Trek, Games, and much more. Join the fun of the Website Competitions. If you have a website or ...

Nocturne Land
This is the place where the journey to a magical land begins. Let the wishmasters please you and be guided by the faeries, gnomes, trolls and elves accompanied only by the full moon. Enjoy the pictures, ...

Stormiees Fantasy Page
Information on mythical creatures of Lore.

Circle of Love - Group & Ring
This is my love group where I have made alot of graphics in my Graphics Gallery, an own webring and a mailinglist where members can share information concerning mysteries and the occult, exopolitics and ...

Davana's Enchanted Dream
My site is about my love of Fairies and the world of Fantasy. I have art by some of todays best artists, Fairies I have adopted and more. Come on by for a visit today we love visitors>