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The Beauty and the Beast Community is for fans of the TV series which ran from 1987-1989. Any sites which contain B&B material or material related to Linda Hamilton, Ron Perlman or any of the other characters or cast members are welcomed and encouraged to join immediately! Keep the dream ALIVE!

Beast's Fanfic
A growing collection of Beauty and the Beast Fanfiction. First, Second, and SND stories only. Also a picture gallery and a poll.

Crystal Tunnels
My tribute site dedicated to "Beauty & The Beast" television series; includes favorite BatB links, fanfiction, etc.

A Helper's Home
Welcome to the Home of one who helps those who live Below... They call me a Helper...{;}

Beauty and the Beast : I Arise From Dreams Of Thee
This site is still under construction. Welcome to my Beauty and the Beast site. Sit back, relax. Take a look through the Art gallery, listen to Beauty and the Beast: Of Love and Hope, read some poetry. ...

Beauty and the Beast! Catherine and Vincent will endure...they will!
this is a tribute to Catherine and Vincent, and the love that they shared and all that they had endured to truly be together!{;}

Beauty and the Beast italian home page
lots of pictures, desktop themes, screensavers, multimedia files, icons, news, poems...only BatB!!!{;}

Sheshat's Online Library
A small collection of Beauty & the Beast fanfic, centecommunity on 3rd season stories. Submissions are welcome! See the rest of the site for many other fandoms, as well as artwork and wavs.

Sigma's BatB Page
There are my favorite V&C scenes from the show. Airdate in Japan and Japanese version's episode names are also included.{;}

Snowglobes and Screensavers
I re-sumitted because I gave you the wrong URL.{;}{;}My old site http://snowlgobes.150m.com/B&B.html will be closed sense I got my new domain. So please change my info. {;}Thank you, Ginger{;}

Beauty and the Beast
this site is about Beauty and the beast and some poems that are dear to me{;}

Vincent Is Romantic
based on the beauty and the beast tv series and focusing on vincent, how he has affected your life. the poetry, the glances,the voice

Russian Beauty and the Beast Webpage
Russian/English site devoted to 'Beauty and the Beast' TV series. Contains basic info about the characters and the cast, fanart and B&B videos.

Beauty and the Beast; or, the Ethics of a Fairy Tale
Excerpt from an Aesthetic Realism Seminar, with a discussion of the Madame Leprince De Beaumont story of Beauty and the Beast, translated by Ronald Duncan.

Dawn's Tunnel World
Keep the Dream alive. Here you will find Stories by Dawn. Photo Albums of Catherine and Vincent, Helper, and tunnel residents too. An Episode guide and a Gallery with an assortment of art expression honocommunity ...

Marina's Beauty and the Beast Site
All about the TV series Beauty and the Beast. Artwork by leading artists in fandom, hundreds of photographs, interviews, behind the scene information, poems, fanfiction, Jay Acovone Pages, and so much ...

CABB - The Classic Alliance of Beauty and the Beast
A site for classic fanfiction and fanart, and nuch other miscellany about the TV show

The Steam Tunnels
A Beauty tnd the Beast Classic site devoted to adult fanfiction and fanart, as well as some other incarnations for Ron and Linda