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We're the people shining a light into dark corners. We're the people who will not tolerate pedophilia on the Internet. We're the people who constantly fight to wipe child pornography out of existance. We tend to be a pedophile's worst nightmare - even on America Online, where so many of them have found refuge. Yes, that's right, folks. AOL actually shelters them. Watch out if you wish to report them - you may end up with your account terminated while the pedophile goes on victimizing innocent children. We're the ones behind a myriad of fictitious characters involved in online roleplay, who keep an eye on those seeking to corrupt the game for some cheap sexual thrills. We're all over, and if you are a pedophile - we're watching YOU.

The Hall of Shame
This site is not a "blacklist" or "slam book". It is provided as a service to all honorable roleplayers out there, as a means to warn others of those who are not as honorable. Some of these reported ...