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This community honours the spirit of HRH, The Princess Diana of Wales as well as celebrates her life and the person she was. We are fortunate to have known her at all. This community also celebrates her True Royal Stewart (Stuart) heritage. Diana is a direct descendent of King Robert Bruce I (Robert the Bruce), Walter, the 6th High Steward of Scotland and his wife, Marjorie, the daughter of King Robert Bruce I, their son, King Robert Bruce II who was the first Royal Stewart monarch. The line continued through the King James's of Scotland, Mary, Queen of Scots, her son, King James VI of Scotland (later, King James I of Great Britain), his son, King Charles I, his son, King Charles II, his son, Henry FitzRoy, the first Duke of Grafton, and so on and so forth. Princess Diana is also a direct descendent of Charles Lennox, the first Duke of Richmond, another son of King Charles II. Princess Diana is also a direct descendent of King Edward I Plantagenet and King Henry VII Tudor and his daughter, Queen Margaret(Tudor) - wife of James IV, King of Scots. Princess Diana was more Royal blue-blooded than her ex-husband, Charles "Windsor" who is only a very distant German cousin of the Royal Stewarts. The "Windsors" are false foreign German 'royals'.

Jazzi Designs
I design clothing for the 16 1/2 doll of the princess. I work hard to create her clothing to reflect her style. some are replicas and some are my own creation.

Princess Diana and the EB Children-A Tribute
Princess Diana is one of only a handful of celebrities that helped EB-Epidermolysis Bullosa patients. She is forever missed.

My Communitys for Leslie's Lovies
This page leads to my main site index.My website is dedicated to Princess Diana,with many tribute pages and through my collection of dolls and memorabilia in her image.Many items of interest to all who ...

Celebrate Princess Diana
Celebration and tribute of the most remarkable British woman who ever lived, Princess Diana. The site consists of over 20 themed pages with pictures, music, lyrics, links, and web master's commentary.

Princess Tea Party
A site showing some of the Princess Diana gowns auctioned at Christies. These are the gowns I have worked with.

Princess Diana - Fourth Anniversary
Latest information on remembrances of Princess Diana at the Fourth Anniversary of her death. A continuing tribute to the memory of Diana, Princess of Wales. Forever a princess in our hearts. Forever looking ...

Megan's World
People from the net I have met, poems, links, and a part of my site dedicated to Princess Diana.

My Communitys For Leslies Lovies
My website of tribute pages and collector memorabilia for Diana,Princess of Wales.Personal poems,my own graphics and doll collection all for the Princess we so adore.