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Freedom of speech, to be who you want to be, to say I refuse to be silenced, chained and tied up, I am being true to myself if you don't like it ...tough!!{;}{;}For people who are being honest to themselves through their personal WebPages be it in poetry, journals, artwork, really anything that shows who they are and expresses their joy, their pain, their sadness, their loves, passions and fears..being true to themselves!{;}{;}{;}{;}

Through the Pane
\"...What it was about windows, I supposed, was that there was something on the other side, and one never knows exactly what until they peer through the pane.\"

the danish outpost
it's a pastry free zone, really. the title comes from an unhealthy fascination with Hamlet.

Kristin's Reality
A site complete with photography and poetry which depicts my reality.{;}

Imp.. ermeability
This is my journey to self-discovery. I'm confused for now.. but hopefully I will not live my entire life in oblivion.

Glittecommunity Coma
This Site is about me & my liking of the darker side of life.

Celestial Flight
My personal domain of mostly anime/manga websites.

Step Into the Nexus
Stimulating the MIND, BODY & SOUL

Percy Wells
Official website of Percy Wells, author, poet, artist. All original, all insane. We invite you to come take a look. Join the mailing list for updates.

Personal site with different themes, cats, plants, cacti, spiritual and more

Nastranders Realm
My little corner of cyberspace about my beliefs and interests

come what may
Personal site, includes the usual (bios, pictures, quotes, etc.) and also houses my own writing, poems, RANTS, and spotlight page for what I deem worthy in the worlds of books, movies, and poetry.

// .::[fancy.ASCII.decorations]::. v3.1415926535
Out of all the trillions of webpages out there, I can't believe mine isn't the most popular. This is the personal page of an 18-year-old Wisconsin girl, with (dare I say, quite perceptive) reflections ...

Many Moons
Just my personal site with my writings and some stuff for you to do :)

alinda's lake palace
{;}a personal page. a place where the extroflections of my ego can feel at home in

Less Is More
my thoughts, my words, my mind...

fake plastic girl
she looks like the real thing...

existential suicide
Whatever perturbs/excites me on a given day, and existential thought (well, sort of...) Put your thoughts on the message board (or email me) and contribute to the conversation!

Urban Distinction
a website of a young gay guy from London, UK! I'm also the community owner of this community and contact me if you have any problems :)

Citrus :: Crisis
{;}It's a personal site. What else can I say?

Dairy Of A Drunken Old Hack
Dairy Of A Drunken Old Hack

My Crazy World
A blog about a teenage girl trying to live her life while dealing with being bipolar{;}

Personal website based on the poetry of Anna, a freestyle and occasional poet.

A Well Known Secret
A blog of a high school freshman girl full of her quirkyness and herself. I can't help it, and I don't care, it's me!

Waiting For Something
The journal of a twenty-something student in England - constantly trying to fill his life with gadgets, fun and attempted self-improvement, but always finding that what he does isn't quite enough to satisfy. ...

+ stories from the broom closet
The online journal of a Wiccan woman searching for the Goddess while living in the broom closet.