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Star Trek: Role Play is a community with RPG sims, orgs and the players in mind. However, we don't just limit ourselves to Star Trek. Any RPG site is welcome... :)

Simulated Star Trek Voyager
Our RPG archive. We're taking the route TPTB almost took on the series: It's 2375, just after the Borg/Species 8472 conflict. Harry Kim has died. Kes' telepathic abilities have subsided. The crew cautiously ...

Star Trek: Andromeda
The Milky Way Galaxy is embroiled in a losing battle against the Borg. In a last-ditch effort to preserve the individuality of the Milky Way, a tenuous alliance between former enemies sees the creation ...

Star Trek: Colony 69
Welcome to Risa Colony 69, home of one of the only Star Trek Pleasure SIMS in the quadrant! Located deep in Federation Space, this pleasure planet is visited by millions of tourists looking to relax and ...