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The Community for custom{;}designs for the Traveller{;}Role Playing Game. Find{;}Gearhead designs, design{;}rules, & spreadsheets.{;}Starships, cars, planes,{;}weapons, and orbital{;}pogosticks can be found.{;}All Traveller rules sets are{;}supported (CT to G:T)

Star Kingdom of Swan
Many designs for both Megatraveller and TNE using FFS1. From my current Star Kingdom of Swan game (A TNE variant) and my Banners Sector (TNE Pocket empire) with MT designs from older campaigns

Traveller Gearhead Designs
Custom designs for the classic SF RPG Traveller.{;}Most were made using GDW's Fire, Fusion & Steel rules.

Home of the Traveller Gearhead community
Home for those who like to do custom designs for the classic SF RPG Traveller. Supported systems include CT, MegaT, TNE, T4 & GURPS Traveller.

Svensons Small Craft LIC
The Svenson Small Craft LIC site contains over 100 Traveller starship and small craft designs. Most are original. Some are T4 versions of Classic ships. All are designed using FF&Sv2 and Andrew Akin's ...

Charles' Traveller
Traveller designs using FF&S, FF&S2, and other design systems. Bruce Macintosh's Definitive Sensor Rules.

My Campaign World
A guide to my view of the Traveller Universe, and a resource for Classic and Gurps Traveller players and referees.

Royal Navy Academy
To develop midshipmen morally and mentally to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty, honor and loyalty in order to provide officers who are dedicated to a career in the space naval service.

Joseph's Traveller Designs
Starship, vehicle, robot and other designs.

The Traveller Domain - our goal is to provided a permanent home for Traveller content on the web. To provide a hub from which to reach game content. By fans, for fans. Over 2800 pages of Traveller with ...