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Click Member link to see site in tvTygerstar's Petz Kennelz and Cattery
my petz kennelz and cattery featucommunity pictures of some of my current petz, adoptions available from breeding my catz and dogz on separate pages, awards my petz have won at shows and races

Petz Paradise
new site, adoptions, breeds, etc

Mimic is a Petz5 site with shows, adoptions and natural litterz! Stop by today!

CedarWood Kennels
CedarWood Kennels is a fairly new Petz 5 site. We breed both Catz and Dogz, have shows and contests, and litterz and adoptions. Come check it out! =)

MoonShadow Kennelz
Dogz 5 site with lots of adoptionz and litterz! Come and give a dog a loving home. :-)

Petz Shop
Its a place where you can get new toys for your petz (4) , clothes and breedz. With several other services. Coming soon Petz 5 stuff.

Stormyside Kennelz
Tonnes of Dogz5 litterz for adoption and a variety of things to check out!

Tanala's Sanctuary
A place where you can adopt petz 5 (dogz only for now) litterz. Suggestions for the site (baby names, and breedz that I can mix) are very welcome! :)

Grey Tabbyz
Grey Tabbyz is devoted to Catz, specializing in Catz 5, with -many- (over 50 at last count) adoptable catz and kittenz. We may be small, but we're growing fast. :)

Glolden Immortality Kennels
We are a merging of Streets Of Gold Kennels and Immortal Kennels. We have litterz, selective breedz and more.....come take a look!

Reality Check
....petz adoptionz, showz, and much, much more......

Silver Valley Kennelz
My Petz, Adoptionz, Puppiez, Breeding Requests

Great Days Kennel
This site is just beginning but it but it shows promise. You can download dogz, adopt dogz, and enter your dogz into shows!

Angelic Voice.....
Includes Great Danes, Huskies, Poms, G. Shepherds, and many more! Own seperate Aussie Parlor Site with tons of aussies! Petz modeling, shows, jobz and more! See what it\'s all about, you know you want ...

Shrimp K & C
Shrimp Kennalz and Catteriez has Petz Camp (my petz love it, why not yours?) , alot of WORKING *hint hint to other sites* links, and cute downloadable adoptions.

Seabed Dogz Centre
A Dogz 5 site with adoptions, fun, competitions, shows and much more!

Sparkle Kennelz
Sparkle Kennelz is a kennels for Dogz 5 dogz. A small site, but has litterz, adoptionz, my dogz and much more. Please visit and sign the guestbook!

Sugar Kennels
We have loads of pure dalmations up for adoptionz, litters and also showz

The Petz German Shepherd Adoption Society
It's all about the German Shepherds of Petz 5! Plenty of Adoptions!

The Petz German Shepherd Adoption Society
We have plenty of German Shepherd pups for you to adopt and there a re many color varietys. Unfortunatly you can't adopt most of the adults. So check out the Adoptables page to see who you can!

Southpawz Catzery
Brand new site, supporting what I have on AAC. Will have a new layout soon, just VERY basic at the moment :)

Elysian Fields
New site. Hope everyone likes it. We have some primo adoptions (form) and some download adoptions as well. For Catz and Dogz 5. Please pass on this site if you like it :)

Anomalous Kennelz
I have some very interesting mixed breedz available to stud and mother. I can breed your dogz for you if you are having trouble, or if you like I can breed a litter for you from my dogz. I also have some ...

Threshold Kennel
For the Danes and Wolves of Dogz 5. There's quite a bit of adoptions and litters. Breeds are also available. Drop by and take a look, or link to us!

Petz (3, 4, 5)!!
At the moment you can only adopt pets from versions 3, 4, and five but soom there will be clothes and special breeds!

Puppy Parlor
A simple site dedicated to adoptions!!! Hexed litters, G. Shepherds, Aussies, Dalis, Rotties, and more rare puppies!!!

Twilight Kennelz and Cattery
A site dedicated to Petz 5. From hexed breedz, hexed and non-hexed litterz to simple adoptions. This is the place where all your petz needs are met! Stop by today!

Twilight Kennelz and Cattery
Your one stop "shop" for all your petz 5 needs. From hexed breedz and adoptions to litterz and supply case skinz. Why don't you stop by today?

Petz 5 Catz and Dogz available for adoption from OstentaciousPetz! Pure and Mixed kittenz and puppiez!

The Doggie Doodle
Downloads, cheats and more, updated regualy.

Rumer's Dogz Adoptions Society
A simple-but-sweet Dogz 5 adoption society where you can choose from many different pooches to adopt via email!

Guilty Pleasures Kennel and Cattery

Katz Kennel And Kattery
A kennel and kattery dedicated to strange breeds and petz

LoverlyLabz Kennel
We specialize in giving you rare colors of Labz for you Dogz 5 Game!

yarma kennels and cattery for petz 5
a petz 5 site with a free award for every visiter and quizes so much to do!

yarma petz 5
a petz 5 site with all sorts

Ebonys peyz
A brand new site offecommunity breedz,adoptions,litterz and lots more for Petz 5

A small petz 5 site.

Shanara Park Stud
This website is new and needs to grow, grow grow! It has heaps of cool stuff but some of it is still up for adoption. there's shows and breeding too!

Petz 5 adoption Center
I have several Petz for petz 5, with new ones all the time! We have puppiez and kittenz! And hexed kittenz! Please come and find your puurrrfe ct companion!

Dali Central
Petz 5 site, specializing in Dali mixes. Lots of freebie adoptions!

A petz 5 site with Dog AND Cat adoptions,litters,breeds,couples,purebred adoptions and more! This site is updated at least once a week so check back every week for new adoptions! Please visit and have ...

Petz 5 Danez
A new site dedicated to the Great Dane Petz 5 breed. It includes adoptions, hexies, shows, and more.

PetzRain ~ A new site made mainly for hexed petz. So far there is only adoptions and shows, but there should be more things soon like playscenens and projects. We also have a calendar so you know what ...

MoonLight Kennels
This is a new site where you can adopt, abandon, foster, breed, and breed files. We are setting up an informational page to describe our services. We are currently a small site with alot of animals. We ...