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a community like a genealogy web site is hard and back breaking work. You can't go into it with your eyes closed. You have to go into it with your eyes open. That said I can assure you that this community will not go down as long as community surf is available. You must be a TNG user to be added to the community. That is the only criteria. Enjoy!

British Roots
A site for the family history of British families primarily for the surnames Bassett,Fletcher,Gent,Kay,Mais,Newton,Pugh,Tidy and Turner and including Whitakers up to 1759.

Maarten Wilbers Genealogy
Genealogy of my own family.

Lake & Reynolds Genealogy
Our families pioneered in Southwestern and Central Ontario, Canada with roots in Germany, Pennsylvania, England and Ireland

The Family of Ian Redpath & Maxine Pitt
The extended families of Ian Redpath & Maxine Pitt. The countries of origin include Scotland, Cornwall, England, Luxembourg, Germany.

Roni and Jerry`s Genealogy and Family History
Genealogy of Roni and Jerry Liebowitz and their ancestors from towns in Eastern Europe (Belarus, Latvia, and Poland). Surnames include: AMDURER, LIEBOWITZ, and MECHANIC (from Belarus); PERLMAN, GORDON, ...

Means Genealogy
Descendants of William Means of Christian Co, KY. Also Baumstark, Wolz, Kuhlmann, Coleman, Kuebler, Henneberger, Neckermann, Birk. Particular emphasis to descendants of Henry H. Means and families of ...

Greencity TNG Site
Douglas G. Detling's family data maintained in a TNG web site. This site is regularly updated, and has more than 12,000 individuals and 4,500 families. Names are also discoverable through the GENDEX system ...

The Scofield Family Project
The Scofield Family Project is a site dedicated to Philip Scofield and his family history, past present and future.

van den heuvel
Genealogie van den Heuvel

Pioneer Families USA
Pioneer Families USA is a family website dedicated to the many individuals who are either direct descendants, or through marriage, who connect back to Richard CARTER I, our progenitor, born between 1598-1611 ...

Wagner-Watlington Genealogy

Bird, Taylor, Prickett, Bonecutter, Roller & Barker Families
Genealogy research

Genealogy for Amling Simien Demouchet
Genealogy/Ahnenforschung for Amling from/aus Sonnenborn (East-Prussia/Ostpreussen) Falk from/aus Peterswalde and Seubersdorf (East-Prussia/Ostpreussen), Simien, Demouchet,Sam, Scott all from St. Landry ...

Down the Hallway
The Barry family is from D.C and Texas, Hall family is from Ohio, Coghill family is from St. Louis, MO, Hawkins from England and McKissick from Texas.

Andrews Quinn Family Pages
Andres from Bohemia to New York, Quinn from Ireland to Rhode Island to Brooklyn, Verderber from Gottschee to Ridgewood and Cleveland, Gilligan from Irishtown, County Mayo, Kaiser from Bavaria and more

Fergs Homey Page
Genealogy of the Ferguson families from Scotland to Canada, NY, MI, OR and to WA, and Kirby families AL, to AR and to WA.

Our Vickers Family Site
"We are the children of James Emory Vickers, Sr. and Edith Naomi Humphrey. This site is a portion of our effort to preserve for future generations, family information, as acccurately as possible. This ...

Ancestors of Warren Lewis Duffie
Researching DUFFEE, DUFFEY and DUFFY in Hardin County, Kentucky (1804-1870) and Berkeley County, Virginia (before 1801)

Montgomery-Hoffmann Genealogy
Genealogy of Megan Lynne Montgomery

Families of Barry, Lipps, Hall, Hawkins, McKissick
Families of Lipps, Hawkins, McKissic, Barry mainly from Texas, Germany, UK