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This is a collection of worlds defined for the classic SF Role Playing Game Traveller.

Magash Highport
Explore , capital of the Sabine subsector, of the Imperium's Deneb Sector, where 8 billion inhabitants live, work and play; where a few adventurous Travellers begin the journey of a hundred lifetimes. ...

Home of the TML Land Grab community
Home of the TML Landgrab Community.

Prilissa/Trin's Veil
Details of a tidelocked TL6 agricultural world neighboucommunity Trin.{;}

Garda-Vilis (Tanoose)
The world of Tanoose, now known as Garda-Vilis, a client state of Vilis, located in the Vilis SubSector of the Spinward Marches.

Venice, a water world in Reavers' Deep
This is the first Landgrab in Reavers' Deep. Done as part of the TNE Pocket Empires Mailing List project.

Daryen Landgrabs
Home of my TML Landgrabs of Mire, Jacent, Entrope and Zamine.

After subsector capitol Regina, the most important world in the Regina Subsector is Efate. A key industrial world and gateway to the Jewell Subsector, Efate is plagued by civil unrest (a fact exploited ...

Sting/Sword Worlds
Located in the heart of the Sword Worlds in the Spinward Marches lies the unremarkable world of Sting. Sting orbits the M0 main sequence star Rotsonnen. This world is the ancestoral seat of Baron Karlstad ...

Star Kingdom of Swan
A number of worlds details for the landgrab, plus others detailed for my own games, most of which would be usable with a minimum of fuss in your Traveller Universes

Located in the Spinward Marches just 2 parsecs from Regina is the small desert world of Yori. Yori orbits the gas giant Dectura, which in turn orbits the F1 main sequence star Liecs (pronounced "likes"). ...

Vincennes: the most technically advanced, high-population industrial world in the Domain of Deneb.

In the second frontier war, Cipango was liberated by the Zhodani Consulate...

The Great TML Landgrab
The original listing of all Landgrab claims, web sites and supporting materials.

The Traveller Domain - our goal is to provided a permanent home for Traveller content on the web. To provide a hub from which to reach game content. By fans, for fans. Over 2800 pages of Traveller with ...