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Founded by the TirNanOc mailing list. Otherkin refers to people who believe they are other than human. Contains resources for finding other Elven/Otherkin on the 'Net, Otherkin mailing lists. In 2000 TirNanOc Community came up for adoption under the Adopt a community program. Gazer (silly thing) decided it would be a shame to lose this resource, and applied for adoption (never ever volunteer...) 8-).{;}Note: This is NOT a gaming or mythology related community. {;}Moved to CommunitySurf September 2000 when Community was bought out by Yahoo and the interface changed.

The unveiled human life of a fae soul.

The Winged Watchers site is for Otherkin and is mainly Draconic and Elven related.{;}Includes a forum, creative/art section, faq page... {;}

Warzone Five
Not an Otherkin site but It is written by one.{;}

The Lostkin Project
Dedicated to finding reliable and repeatable methods of furthecommunity the Awakening Process.

The Elenari Net
The Elenari Net is a place where Elenari elves can find companionship amongst one another. It is also a place where others can learn about who we are.{;}

Morgain's Mysts
site about me - my family, my faith, my fight with fibromyalgia{;}

Site for draconcats and other dark natured shifters and otherkin{;}

FeAtHeReD qUaDrUpEd
A site detailing the personal experiences of a Therianthrope and Otherkin. Will also feature articles and other useful info.{;}

crystal moon
a new otherkin forum for otherkin to chat with others and share their experiences and/or learn from others

Hub site for the Community and home of the TirNanOc mailing list.

The Thistledown Dance
Life from a pixie's perspective, with lore, spells, ramblings and majik.

The Elven Tradition
Our work toward remembecommunity, reclaiming and recontructing our own elven tradition. Our goal is to make it well alive. Join us in our Quest!

Theri There
Theri There is a webcomic by, for, and about Therianthropes, Otherkin, Draconics, Furry Lifestylers, and other such people whose identities are defined in non-physical ways. This isn\'t about people who ...

April\'s Home
life and a little philosophy