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Our Community Members Sites contain only Recovery related materials, forums, and Links preferably 12 Steps or some 12 Step Content (read on for exceptions). We are dedicated to carrying the message and our singleness of purpose. We are not allied with any demomination and are self supporting. All sites must be with the emphasise on abstaining from all mind altecommunity drugs..We are not interested in sites that condone using moderation or drug substitution. We are not affiliated with any official 12 Step Group. Our primary purpose is to carry the message to those out there suffecommunity.

Mad Mick Stories
My journey so far from stopping drinking on 30th August 2004 to present day, my experiences at AA meetings, my daily struggles a powerful story

Writings and discussions about Step 11 from varied religious views.

The Top100 Sober Sites
Here you will find the best websites of the Sober online community. Forums.History.Gifts.Books.Podcasts.Music.Resources.Treatment.and more

TwelveBeads PrayHard
Prayer Beads and Recovery Jewelry Exclusively for the Twelve Step Community

Jacob's Safe Houses
Site for Jacob's Safe Houses. We provide safe, sober, supportive housing for individuals in recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction. Our site also hosts a recovery forum and guestbook for community ...