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A collection of sites dealing with the theology, faith, and issues of Christians in recovery from addiction, abuse, or other suffecommunity. It is intended SPECIFICALLY for the RECOVERY community rather than general interest Christianity sites. Please be aware that sites that contain no recovery-specific material may not be accepted. Apologies, but that's just the nature of this community.

Corrie's Haven of Dissociation
Musings of a survivor at various stages of healing. A Christian Dissociative webpage.

Free from Panic
Free from Panic is a Christian, Bible based site offecommunity support and encouragement for those dealing with panic disorder, anxiety attacks, depression and related issues.

The Way of God
Parables and short stories teaching The Way of God.

Marcia's Web Pages
The purpose of my site is to share about my family, my testimony, my cats, to share encouragement, poetry, holiday pages, and graphics in the form of calling cards and globes with a tutorial for making ...

Fading Out
About my life, my depression and God in the center of it.

The Dwelling Place
A Christian retreat, prayer, and small-conference center in Mississippi. Come home to the quiet and solitude of the retreat experience at The Dwelling Place.

Chetski's World
A haven for your spirit where you can remove yourself from daily trials and temptations and find peace in this world gone astray!

Bless The Lord, O My Soul
It's a site where the Name of Jesus is highly exalted and with word of encouragement.

Friends Because of Him
A place where friends can be made and encouragement is offered to those hurting from the past or in the present. A place where you will find the love of Jesus waiting for you.

How Do I Live
My beautiful, beloved niece, murdered by her ex-husband. A tragedy that has destroyed an entire family.

This is where I am putting down my past and present.

The Love Foundation
{;}The Love Foundation was built by a single individual motivated by love with the purpose of helping persons, animals and the environment by offecommunity links to hundreds of sites, addresses & hotlines. ...

Fragile Wing
A dutch christian based website about ritual abuse, trauma and DID, with a message board, memorial etc. Support for survivors and info for counsellors

Shari's Garden Hideaway
Encouragement for people who have suffered trauma due to tragedy or illness. Pages include a butterfly house, underwater garden, storm page, flowers fade, children. Scripture references throughout.

Prayers Have Wings
My site is open and honest. It talks about mistakes and pain God's forgiveness and understanding of them. I'm still working on my site daily so please forgive any broken/missing links.

The First Step Recovery Zone
Hi my name is Roger and welcome to my First Step Recovery Zone. I have this terrible disease called Alcoholism and I am in recovery. I hope you will find on this site some information about what this terrible ...

Abuse of trust
Debbie's parents became involved in a church opposed to doctors and medicine, but when Debbie got cancer, the family's faith was shaken to the core. See this tragic case history.{;}

Come In and Soak Awhile
This site is an offecommunity to declare the goodness of the Lord. There are inspirational stories and parables, Body Works - a newsletter to the Body of Christ, and fun and games as well. Need a pick-me-up, ...

The Trinity Pages
The writings and personal journey of an abuse survivor. Includes poetry, information, links, and more.

The Collective MiSFiT Home
We are a multiple system, family, or community. We are also, many of us, proud survivors. The two are in no way synonomous with each other. Our multiplicity helped us adapt in order to survive... but multiplicity ...

Child of God community
We are a Christian support group for people with panic disorder, depression and/or have been abused. A safe place to share and make friends. We are a loving Christian group that really cares.

Recovery Poetry Spa
poetry about abuse and addictions and recovery from them

Advent Recovery Ministries, Inc.
Advent Recovery Ministry is the recovery ARM of the local church. We operate The ARC of Alva, a halfway house in Alva, Florida, and work with area churches and organizations to help reduce the terrible ...

My Statement To The World!
I am a woman who is getting stalked and harassed online by a man named Dennis P. McCann. This site reveals all the fear and pain I have suffered as a result of the abuse I'm currently being forced to endure. ...

Kristi Ann's Haven
Kristi Ann's Haven is a Safe Haven for Everyone. Holy Bible Based on God's Living Word! Prayer Forum and Prayerbook for everyone. Physically Challenged Forum, for Disabilities. Animals Haven, for all types ...