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The community for dark communitys: join if you run a dark-themed community and get more exposure!

Jezebel's Jinx
lost inside forever, I search for what I cannot find... and I am all alone.

Eternal Voices
Join Eternal Voices if your site contains writing of an interesting nature!

Join the dark coven of Kryptik...

Sleeping Beauty
Awaken the Goddess within.

Dark Girlz Unite
A community set up specifically for "dark" girls. Sites need not be extensively goth; an overall dark feeling will do. Music, art, writing, images, opinions, ect.

Metal Eye
a community for fans of nicole blackman.

a community for those obsessed with the pattern of stripes.

A community, clique and banner rotation for those of us who are tainted...

Glittecommunity Coma
This site is about me & my liking for the darker side of life.

A collection of all my work containing {;}drawings and paintings Inspired by dreams, literature, music and where ever my mind can lead to.