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Impassioned's (http://yunaleska.net/tidus) community/clique that collaborates fans of Tidus.

because i like him

a variety/personal site with images, interaction and more

Tidus is the best! XD

sailor moon kingdom
Cause although it is mainly about Sailor moon there is load of final fantasy stuff and I just adore Tidus at the end off ff10 I sobbed my eyes out I had to go get a tissue

Tidus is one of the greatest game charectars EVER. Sweet, hot... Tidus is everything! ^^

Vivi's Dolls
just because tidus is overwhelmingly delicious!!!i cant resist that beautiful, sexy figure he has, hes soo hottt!!! and hes blonde and tanned! i love that combination! im a sucker for those type of g ...


:: none ::
my weblog?

Talya's Site
Because Tidus is hot!!!!!

Princess Shana! v. 1.0: Dream!
This is a site that has info on me plus it has tons of stuff on anime and Rpg. I hope it becomes the biggest website around. ^_~