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This is a Community for all Wee Ones (Fairies, Elfin, Angels) AND for those who have at least one fantasy themed page on their site, and who consider themselves friends of the Wee Ones.{;}{;}Anyone that fits that description is welcome to join - male or female. Your fantasy page/site does need to have content - no sites with nothing but links, please.{;}{;}The organization, The Wee Ones, is a new group on the web made up of Wee Ones and Friends from everywhere, males and females welcome. It's open for new members at this time, but it is not necessary to belong to the organization in order to belong to the Community. If interested, you can find it at: {;}{;}http://theweeones.org{;}{;}{;}{;}No sites with pornographic content, discrimination, or hate content will be accepted!{;}{;}You will be required to put the Community Code on the page you specify. It must be on your page within 7 days from the time you apply, or your site will be removed from the que. Pages will be checked for the Community Code from time to time,

My Lonesome Angel Page
Its my collection of adoptions items that i collected from other nice website. :) {;}{;}Come and visit!{;}{;}

abitosunshine is...family & friends, pics & poetry, causes & concerns, recipes & ramblings, quilts & quotes, memories & memorials, fun & fantasy, Fablers O' Fortune, beliefs and...a bit o' sunshine!

Angel Sweetness
Come visit my home on the web. Don't forget to sign my guestbook so I'll know you were here *S*{;}

Amethyst's Fae Enchantment
My fascination, obsession and enchantment of the Fae, I believe!! Please feel free to stroll around my site! I would appreciate it if you'd take a moment to add your site to my Free For All Link page and ...

Unicorn Dreams
A Place where everyone can come together and share in happy or sad and not be judged for who they are or what they think.

Welcome to my little fairy home on the web. Please drop by for a visit and I'll be happy to visit you in return!{;}

Lady Love's Fish Bowl
Lady Love's home site - it includes a free Greeting Card Gallery, poetry, friends links, colorful graphics - ever changing :)